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Client Comments

"Fantastic entry. I love the educational tone that offers explanation without being condescending. Spot on to our brand and really focusing on our point of difference"


"This is absolutely PERFECT!!! Exact tone, feel, on point message we are looking for."


"Length is great. Informative. Balanced perspective."


"I like the simplicity with which you have explained the terms. This is useful for our consumers in search of a better understanding of the process."


"You are a terrific writer. This is perfect : )"

"Awesome work!  Thanks so much."

"Good source of information for a new buyer"

"Perfect to the hot points about services, education, and our role in the process!"

"Love this approach.  Terrific change of pace."

"Great feel. On point with our voice and mission. Thank you!"

"This might be my fav thus far. Thank you!"

"Another great one!"


Web Design

Content Writing Process

Email us at:

We will discuss what kind of content you are looking for (blog posts, case study, webpage content, etc), how frequently you will need new content, your budget, and the timeline. 


Utilizing this information, we will provide you a quote for the work requested. The following details, specific to your project, will be included in the quote:

  • Copywriting Project Details

    • Type of Content​

    • Length

    • Frequency

  • Schedule

  • Fee

  • Terms and Conditions

  • Revision Process

After you have accepted our quote, we will get to work!  

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