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Case Study Question & Answer: How Courtney Elevated Her Career with Revision Resume's Help

Courtney was able to obtain a new job -- in a new city -- with the help of Revision Resume crafting her a resume and a cover letter. She credits Revision Resume for helping her find "a career that aligns with my personal and professional goals" and agreed to answer a few questions as part of a case study. Below is a synopsis of her answers. Note some have been reworded for brevity and clarity. To read the full case study click here.

The Challenge

Couple sitting next to moving boxes

What Made You Reach Out to Revision Resume for Assistance?

I was relocating to a new city. My significant other graduated from college and accepted a job about 4 hours away from our current home.

With your original resume, did you apply for jobs? What was the response from the places you applied?

I did not apply for any jobs with my old resume in my most recent job search, but when moving a year previous, I had used my old resume. The response was ok, but not great. It made me worry I would have difficulty finding a new job in the new location.

Did you have a potential resume red flag you were concerned might impact your job search?

Yes, I had only been in my current role for about 1 year. I worried employers would view my resume negatively because it didn't show longevity. I enjoyed my current job but wanted to move to the new city with my significant other.

The Solution

What did Revision Resume provide you?

Revision Resume created both a resume and a cover letter for me.

How many jobs did you apply for?

I applied for 7 jobs with my new resume.

How many jobs did you submit the cover letter for?

I used the cover letter for all of the applications that I submitted -- regardless if they requested one or not in the application -- based on the advice of Revision Resume. I had previously used a cover letter only when requested on the application for any job I would be applying for.

What did you like about the resume Revision Resume created?

I really liked that it narrowed in on my professional goals and only included things that were relevant and important to those goals. My old resume was a hodgepodge of random information and the new one only included the most important aspects.

The Results

Young lady at a job interview

What was the response to your applications with the new resume and cover letter?

I definitely noticed that the response time from when my application was submitted to hearing back from a position was significantly faster with my new resume. Having the faster response time and more positions contacting me back with a positive response took some stress off of moving to a new area knowing that I was getting fast, positive call backs from places.

Did you get called for interviews?

I received a request to interview for 6 of the 7 jobs and chose to accept interview offers for 5!

Did the potential employers comment on your resume at the interview?

The places I interviewed stated how impressed they were with it, and after accepting my new position, they informed me that after reading my resume, they were moving as quickly as they could to try and schedule an interview.

Another position responded with a request to interview only a few hours after I submitted my resume.

How many job offers did you receive?

I received 4 different job offers and one that asked for a second interview but at the time I had already accepted another position. I did receive an offer from two of the positions that I was most excited to interview for.

How do you think the resume and cover letter provided by Revision Resume worked for you?

I think the resume and cover letter worked wonders for me. They provided all of my professional goals in a clear, concise manner and the result was something I was excited for hiring managers to review.

Would it be safe to say the resume and cover letter provided by Revision Resume helped you get the job?

Yes! There was so much information that I was unaware of when applying for jobs that Revision Resume helped me with. One thing was using certain keywords to ensure my resume would be looked at by potential jobs. Creating a cover letter to be used and adjusted for different positions was another aspect that I used to see as optional, but now I know how important a well-written one can be!

If a friend, relative or even a stranger in another city were to ask you about your experience with Revision Resume, what would you tell them?

I would let them know how wonderful the experience was. My resume and cover letter looked organized and professional. Revision Resume also took the time to help identify my professional goals for my resume, which in turn helped me during the interview process. I could decide which jobs aligned with my goals and would be right for me, rather than just accepting the first position offered. My resume is now something I am proud of and want to is something that I am confident in. My new resume and cover letter look wonderful, and I sincerely believe that they significantly impacted my job search and helped me find a career that aligns with my personal and professional goals.


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