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Not Part of the "Great Resignation?" You Should Still Update Your Resume

According to recent surveys, about half of working Americans are currently seeking new employment. If you are in the other half that plans to stick with your current job, congratulations! You likely are satisfied with your position and therefore aren't looking for a career change at this time. Hopefully this means you work for a company that treats you well and cares about your success and happiness. As you know, a job change is stressful and you are lucky to not be going through that process at this time.

However, Revision Resume still suggests you consider taking this opportunity to update your resume. Why, you may ask, should I update my resume if I don't plan to submit it for a job posting? Let's talk about three important reasons!

Leverage for a Raise or Promotion

Economists are indicating that now is a good time to ask your employer for a raise. Employees have the upper hand in the current labor market and your employer may prefer to give you a raise instead of having to hire and train someone new. In fact, your company may realize that due to the current labor shortage, they may have difficulty finding a replacement for you, should you decide to leave for a more lucrative opportunity. This gives them even more incentive to retain you and a raise may be a small price to pay to achieve that goal.

In addition, the cost of living has been increasing. So, the normal 3% raise isn't really adequate. It is worth your while to advocate for yourself and ask for a larger raise.

Some economists are also indicating that this is the time to ask for the benefits you would like but aren't currently receiving. Prefer a remote or hybrid work-schedule? Take this opportunity now to request it.

Revision Resume suggests you arrive prepared when you make your request by having an updated resume ready that highlights the contributions you have made to the organization. If you are asking for a remote or hybrid work-schedule, be sure to showcase the successes you had working remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Your resume should be filled with action verbs and specific numbers indicating your achievements over the past year. This will clearly demonstrate your value as an employee and emphasize why they need to keep you satisfied. Your resume may be what causes them to realize why you should be granted the raise and/or benefits you are requesting.

Annual Updates Prevent Overlooking Important Achievements

For many, the last 18 months have felt like 5 years. It is hard to remember the specifics of what things were like prior to the pandemic.

In general, we recommend an annual resume update. If you haven't updated your resume since March 2020, you are overdue.

Each year, take the time to think through your accomplishments. Then use descriptive, action-filled language to incorporate these items on your resume while they are still fresh in your mind. In addition, take some time to see if you can remove outdated or irrelevant details that are taking up valuable space on your resume. Need help? Revision Resume is happy to assist you in making an up-to-date resume that highlights your achievements.

Be Prepared

You may not be seeking a new job today, but you may find that your situation has changed in a few months. Or, an opportunity may present itself unexpectedly. In either case, you will appreciate that your resume is ready. Often clients come to us when they needed the resume "yesterday!" They wish they had prepared in advance, but instead are worrying someone else is going to get selected before they have a resume ready to submit.

Whether you are planning to use your resume to request a raise or you just want to have an updated version handy, Revision Resume is here to assist. Contact us today so we can get started on creating you a professional, well-crafted resume!

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