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Is Your Website Delivering the Traffic You Anticipated? 

If Not, Consider a Blog!

Travel Blog

You want your website to:

  • Increase business reputation and awareness

  • Attract potential clients

  • Provide a positive customer experience

  • Rank highly in an online search

Fresh content may be needed to help elevate your site.  Imagine achieving your website goals by simply adding a regularly updated blog which provides the following advantages:

  • Builds trust with potential customers

  • Allows you to establish authority on your subject matter

  • Engages with prospects in a conversational tone, answering the questions they may have about your products or services

  • Provides an opportunity to improve brand awareness

  • Drives traffic to other pages on your website

  • Improves your SEO helping your site appear higher in searches!

Gain and Retain Customers … with a Blog

Business owners often find maintaining a blog overwhelming though. 


It must be updated regularly with new content for relevancy which is time consuming, especially when there are many other aspects of the business that require attention. 


Brainstorming fresh ideas to meet the demand of a regular blog schedule can also be a challenge. 

Don’t have ideas for blog topics?  Don't have the time to write a blog regularly?  Let us help. 



We have multiple tools to help identify keywords and topics that are relevant and engaging for your prospects. 


Revision Resume can develop a keyword planner for your business that results in the creation of blogs aimed at each aspect of the buying process (awareness, interest, evaluation, engagement, and purchase).  Or, you can let us know if you would prefer the blogs to focus on just one intent and we can develop a comprehensive list of topics specific to that.


Have your own blog ideas but no time to write?  Let us help with this as well.  We are happy to write blogs on the topics that you feel would be most beneficial for your business.

If your business doesn’t have a blog, or the blog it does have is rarely updated with a new post, let Revision Resume help! 


Our blog writing approach is proven to engage and educate your prospects while simultaneously improving SEO.  Our blogs stand out due to the combination of our creative ideas along with our attention to detail. 

"Fantastic entry. I love the educational tone that offers explanation without being condescending. Spot on to our brand and really focusing on our point of difference"


"This is absolutely PERFECT!!! Exact tone, feel, on point message we are looking for."


"Length is great. Informative. Balanced perspective."


"I like the simplicity with which you have explained the terms. This is useful for our consumers in search of a better understanding of the process."

"Good source of information for a new buyer"

"Perfect to the hot points about services, education, and our role in the process!"

"Great feel. On point with our voice and mission. Thank you!"

Click on the button below to fill out our "Contact Us" form or email us at to get started improving your website traffic today!

Infographic showing how Revision Resume can help struggling businesses
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