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Case Studies

Boost your business authority, credibility, and expertise with a case study! A case study will provide a detailed story explaining how your customer had an issue and how your business addressed the issue with their product or service.  Everyone loves a good story…especially when there is a happy ending involved. Potential customers appreciate the social proof a case study provides making it a powerful marketing tool!

Achieve Results!

According to a 2022 report by the Content Marketing Institute, case studies were one of the top 5 types of content that B2B marketers credited with producing optimum results in the last 12 months.  Goals marketers reported achieving with their content included:  


Created Brand Awareness


Built Credibility and Trust


Educated Audiences

Our Case Study Process

Infographic showing Revision Resume's Case Study Process

How to Leverage Your Case Study

Before you invest in a case study, you may want to consider how you will use it in your marketing plan.  


Case studies can be showcased on your company’s website, in its newsletter, or in a myriad of other publications your business puts together. 

Revision Resume offers add-ons to help you incorporate your case study in your marketing efforts.  Options include:

  • Social Media Posts

  • Blog Posts

  • Newsletter articles

  • Infographic sheets

  • Powerpoint Presentations

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