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Revision Resume's Resume Critique

A resume critique may be just what you need to get your resume on the 'follow-up' pile of a recruiter's desk and earn an interview. When you review and edit your resume, you may be missing revisions that would result in a significant and noticeable improvement.

What is a Resume Critique?

A resume critique is an evaluation of your current resume. Revision Resume offers two options for resume critiques:  "At-a-Glance" and "Thorough Review."


For an "At-a-Glance" resume critique, we'll look at your resume and then conduct a 15-minute video call where we provide suggestions for ways you could make updates.  The cost for this service is $75.  

For a "Thorough Review" we embed comments within your resume and also provide you a summary of our critique within the document.  You'll be able to clearly see our recommendations and exactly where we suggest you make changes.  It will be easy for you to make edits and improve your resume, increasing your chances for an interview. The cost for this service is $115 (If you are out of college three years or less, we offer discounted rates).


What do I Need to Provide Revision Resume to Receive a Resume Critique?  


  • An electronic version of your current resume. 

  • A few jobs you plan to apply for or examples of jobs you might consider in the future.

  • A link to your LinkedIn profile, if you have one.



What will Revision Resume Critique?  

Your resume critique will include evaluation for:

  • Grammar

  • Formatting

  • Spelling

  • Action Verbs

  • Keywords

  • Typos

  • Resume Length

  • Dates

  • Correct content for current resume industry trends


It will be up to you to decide what changes you would like to make based on our feedback and edit the document accordingly.

To request Revision Resume conduct an "At-a-Glance" resume critique click here.  

To request Revision Resume provide a "Thorough Review" resume critique, email us at  Alternatively, you can fill out our "Request a Quoteform.

What if After my Critique, I Decide I want Revision Resume to Write a New Resume for Me?

No problem! We would be happy to! If you see that we have provided numerous suggestions and you would prefer we create you a brand new resume that incorporates our critique, we can do that. We offer a discounted price in this situation, since we will have already gathered some of the necessary background information and reviewed your resume through our resume critique process.

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How is a Resume Critique Different than a Resume Creation?

When Revision Resume conducts a resume critique, we provide you suggestions for ways to improve your resume.  Then you decide which changes to make and make them on your own.

Alternatively, a resume creation involves Revision Resume crafting a brand new resume for a client.

resume critique vs resume creation infographic

Who is a Good Candidate for a Resume Critique?

Do You Have a Current Resume?

If you have an up-to-date resume that includes your current job, a resume critique may be what you need to ensure you are submitting an error-free document.

Are You Not Getting Called for Interviews?

Job-seekers that have been submitting resumes but not getting called for interviews are also good candidates for a resume critique.  Many people find it difficult to notice and correct errors on their own resumes.  Errors show lack of attention to detail and give the impression that not enough time was put into creating and proofreading your resume.  In some cases a resume ends up in the "discard" pile if an edit has been overlooked.

Are You Unsure of What to Include and What to Leave Off Your Resume?

Finding the right balance of information to include on your resume is challenging.  Does it make sense to include your volunteer roles?  Should you list your entire 30-year career or just the recent work experiences?  Is an objective statement still relevant?  What about references?  If you are unsure of the answers to these questions, a resume critique will be helpful.  Revision Resume is aware of the latest industry standards and can help you figure out how to refine your resume appropriately.

Do You Want to Submit Your Resume with Confidence?

Hiring Revision Resume for a resume critique will ensure your resume is properly edited and formatted. You can rest easy knowing your resume is professional and error-free. Why risk overlooking a mistake that could cost you the job? Instead, let the professional resume writers handle it...and improve your likelihood of earning an interview.

To read additional blogs about resume critiques click here.

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What Will I Receive?


With an "At-a-Glance" resume critique, you will receive a 15-minute video call where we will summarize the suggestions we have.  You can take notes and then update your resume on your own schedule.


For a "Thorough Review," we embed comments directly within your resume and will also provide you a summary of our critique.  Our process provides thorough feedback in an easy to understand format. You will be able to clearly see where we suggest you make changes and what we are recommending. It will be easy for you to make the edits and improve your resume increasing your chances for achieving an interview.

Customer Testimonials:

"Thank you for the thorough critique. I am pouring through the amazing advice and coaching you've provided. Great information that more people need to understand."

"Your insight was incredibly helpful!"

"Very Satisfied.  I already recommended to a friend."

"Thank you so much it was extremely helpful and I had to turn that application in last night job closed today. Thank you for getting it done so fast."

To request Revision Resume conduct an "At-a-Glance" resume critique click here.  

To request Revision Resume provide a "Thorough Review" resume critique, email us at  Alternatively, you can fill out our "Request a Quoteform.

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