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Our Process

Revision Resume is a small but mighty business: co-founders Laura and Carrie are the same two people that write all of the resumes, cover letters, LinkedIn profiles and other career documentation. We author and conduct all of our educational programs. None of the work is outsourced to anyone else. This allows us to provide individualized service to all of our clients.


How Does Our Process Work?


When you reach out to us to request our services, our first step it to learn more about you and where you are on your career journey. We'll ask you to send along any resume you have (even if it is outdated) and schedule a 15-minute complimentary phone call or Zoom meeting. During this discussion we can let you know what your service options are and how much they'll cost.


Why Do You Ask for a Current or Outdated Resume?


In short, we ask you to send along a resume so we can see where you are in the process.


Don't have a resume at all...not even an outdated one? A resume creation would be in your best interest.


Do you have a very basic resume -- one that doesn't come close to meeting current resume standards? Or, a resume you used 15 years ago and haven't updated since? In the latter case, your most recent job(s) will need to be added to your resume before you can submit it with a job application. For both of these situations, clients often begin with a resume critique. However, depending on the amount of work to be done, many clients ask us to upgrade to a resume creation, knowing it would entail a lot of work on their part -- and time they don't have -- to appropriately update their resume.


Do you have a recently created resume that generally follows current resume guidelines but needs some tweaking to avoid being put on the "discard" pile? In these cases, a resume critique is often adequate to help elevate you above other candidates. We offer both "at-a-glance" or "thorough" critiques. With both of these options, you would use the information we provide based on our expertise to update your resume on your own.

Why Do You Set Up a 15 Minute Chat?


Although reviewing the resume you provide can yield some information, it doesn't give us the full picture.


In our conversation, we will ask:

  • What type of role are you seeking?

  • Are you looking for a career change? (If so, you may need a more significant modification of your resume to show transferable skills than someone looking to stick with the same career path.)

  • What don't you like about your current resume? (This can help us determine how significant of an improvement is needed.)

  • Are there any specific job postings you're interested in?

  • What is the timeline of your search?

  • Have you submitted to job openings and received any feedback?

  • Are you looking for services beyond just a resume, such as a cover letter or a LinkedIn update?

Within our 15-minute discussion we can gather a lot of information about where you are in your job search journey and what you are seeking assistance with, so we can provide you the service options that best align with your needs.


Why Don't You Just Email Instead of Chatting?


While emailing may seem like a quicker option, it is actually less efficient. With a phone call, we can easily ask you follow-up questions based on your responses to our original questions. This allows us to get the full picture within the 15-minute discussion, instead of going back and forth via email for multiple days. We believe this process allows us to gather more complete information and provide appropriate service options and pricing to you quickly.

Do You Expect Clients to Decide During the Phone Call?

No! We will not put you on the spot during the phone call. If you decide you want to proceed, we are happy to get started, but if you need some time to determine if you want to take the next steps, that is no problem.

If I Decide to Proceed, What is the Next Step?


Once you decide which service option(s) you want to proceed with, let us know via email and we will send you an invoice so we can start the work. In some cases, clients decide to take a step-by-step approach. They may start with a resume critique or creation and then follow with LinkedIn Guidance. In that case, we only invoice for the work we are going to start right away and will send the invoice for the subsequent work at a later date.

How Do You Go the Extra Mile for Clients?

First, we pride ourselves on educating our clients, even beyond the service option they have selected. We'll provide you with a step-by-step process for updating your LinkedIn URL, or offer suggestions for how to prepare for interviews, or answer your questions about age discrimination. We have even provided clients suggestions for other job titles they may want to seek, based on the information they provided during their resume service. Since we get to know our clients on a personal level, we can meet them where they are at and help them in multiple aspects of their job search.

Do You Use AI to Write Career Documenation?

We do not use AI tools to create career documentation.  Our writing incorporates strategic thinking, creativity, and human connection.  We work collaboratively with our clients to help maximize their vision and deliver engaging career documents that are tailor-made for their personal brand.  We will not enter your personal information into AI.


What Have Clients Said About Your Services?

"Thank you for the thorough critique. I am poring over the amazing advice and coaching you've provided. Great information that more people need to understand."


"The finished product was better than anything I could have imagined, and I sincerely believe I will receive more callbacks and interviews because of it. My resume expert did a terrific job on organizing, analyzing and presenting my resume in a more coherent and detailed order. They worked with me on a personal level to ensure they had the details and information needed about my desired career path to create a perfect resume and cover letter. It is a resume that I am proud of, and it better expresses both my individual, educational and career points."


"This company provides high quality services that focus on individual needs. It is not a "boxed", one size fits all approach. The suggestions are relevant, focused and designed to highlight marketable strengths. I recommend Revision Resume without hesitation."


Ready to learn how Revision Resume can assist you in your job search journey?


Fill out our contact us form, and we will reach out to you to set up a complimentary phone call or Zoom session.

Resumes and Cover Letters

  • After our initial contact/ conversation, Revision Resume will send you a quote for the services you require.

  • Upon payment, we will send you instructions for providing some information which is necessary for us to write your resume or cover letter.

  • Once your response is received, we will review your materials and schedule a conversation with you (via phone or Zoom) to fill in missing gaps and to ask some follow up questions. This information is critical to tailoring your resume to reflect your unique value to your prospective employer.

  • For a non-executive level resume, we commit to having a customized resume delivered to your inbox within 5 (five) business days of our conversation contingent upon prompt response to any email follow-up questions.

  • For an executive level resume, we commit to having a customized resume delivered to your inbox within 8-10 (eight to ten) business days of our conversation contingent upon prompt response to any email follow-up questions.

Thorough Resume Critique

  • Upon payment, Revision Resume will review the electronic version of your current resume and generate comments embedded within the document so you can clearly see suggestions for areas to improve.

  • Revision Resume will be evaluating your resume for:

    • Formatting

    • Grammar

    • Spelling

    • Action Verbs

    • Keywords

    • Typos

    • Resume Length

    • Dates

    • Current resume industry trends

  • You’ll receive an electronic copy of your resume with embedded improvement suggestions within 5 (five) business days.

Resume Critique

  • Go to our "At-a-Glance" Resume Critique page  where you will be prompted to book a video session with one of our resume writers and provide payment for this $45 service.

  • Email your current resume to  If you have any job postings you are interested in applying for, email those as well (although this is not required).

  • Our resume writers will review your resume in advance of the video call.

  • At the scheduled time, one of our writers will meet with you for 15 minutes, where we will summarize the suggestions we have for ways you could improve your resume.  You can take notes and then update your resume on your own schedule.  

Our Process
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