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What’s Next?  With the Right Resume, the Sky’s the Limit!

What Clients Say:

"The finished product was better than anything I could have imagined, and I sincerely believe I will receive more callbacks and interviews because of it. My resume expert did a terrific job on organizing, analyzing and presenting my resume in a more coherent and detailed order. They worked with me on a personal level to ensure they had the details and information needed about my desired career path to create a perfect resume and cover letter. It is a resume that I am proud of, and it better expresses both my individual, educational and career points."
-Courtney C.
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On average*, an HR manager spends 6 seconds deciding if your resume makes it to the next round.

That's about the same amount of time it took to read this paragraph!  

Unless you have someone who knows what hiring managers are looking for in your corner, your resume will probably end up in the trash.  On top of that, most people don’t enjoy—or find it difficult—to write their own resume.

That’s where we come in.  

Revision Resume can provide you with a resume that communicates your job experience, unique qualifications and persona quickly and clearly in an easy to read and attractive format. 

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Your resume—and more importantly, who you are—will catch the eye of the reviewer in those 6 seconds.

But there’s something more. 


Won’t knowing that your resume has been professionally written, edited and formatted give you an added level of confidence heading in to the interview? 


When you see yourself, your hard work and your qualifications through someone else’s eyes, it can be inspiring. 

Let Revision Resume help you clear the bar to landing your dream job!

* According to a 2017 study by Glassdoor.


Why Choose Revision Resume?

Although there are many resume writing services out there--some offering bargain rates--they are not all the same!  Many of these "resume writers" are not professionals and do resumes as one of their many freelance roles. They may not have training, know the current hiring industry or study the latest resume trends. 


And...the product they provide will show it.

By contrast, Revision Resume writers have completed professional training and continuously attend educational events to stay up to date on resume trends and guidelines.  This gives our clients a competitive advantage when they submit their resume for a job posting!

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Why Hire a Resume Writer?

Resume Writing is Hard!

Many of our clients come to us with resumes that contain mistakes or are not up to current industry standards.  Others have formatting issues or are an outdated style.  Some contain irrelevant information, are missing keywords and action verbs, or are disorganized.  Clients tell us they have submitted their resumes and not received an interview request.  Those missed opportunities can never be recovered!


At Revision Resume, we take pride in the documents we provide our clients, knowing that our carefully written resumes and cover letters will significantly increase their chances of getting called for an interview.

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Additional services available (multiple services can be bundled for a discount).

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What do you need to land your dream job?


A quality resume is an investment in your career.  Having a polished, clear, concise resume that demonstrates you have the desired skills is necessary to obtain an interview.  Writing your own resume is difficult.  If you create your own resume without professional assistance, you may get passed over and miss the opportunity to achieve your career aspirations.

Cover Letter

A cover letter is not's required.  As the critical first document in the job application process, it serves as an appetizer, and introduces the skills and qualifications you can bring to your prospective employer.

Value Proposition Letter

Did you know that only about 40% of interviewees send any type of follow-up communication to their interviewer? 

Sending a thank you letter sent after an interview may put you ahead of the competition, but a value proposition letter can put you at the top of the pile! 

Can You Help Me?

Yes! Revision Resume offers services to clients with varying backgrounds and levels of work experience. 

Revision Resume assists clients located in Rochester, NY and beyond. Although our business is located in Rochester and our writers live there, we can assist clients from anywhere. Our communication with clients occurs via email and Zoom.  

Let Us Help You!

We can help you stand out among the competition with our personalized approach. 


Revision Resume, based in the Rochester, NY area, works with job seekers one-on-one via Zoom to craft unique resumes and cover letters based on our professional knowledge of the most current industry standards.


Whether you need your resume critiqued or one written from scratch, our goal is to help you land that interview! Contact us at or through our "Contact Us" form.

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