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Why Hire Revision Resume?

Revision Resume is a conscientious duo of hard-working professionals trained in B2B and B2C content writing.  We are committed to continually updating our training so that we remain current on the latest SEO, marketing and sales practices.  We are not a content mill somewhere in cyberspace…we are two dedicated individuals whose goal is to help businesses achieve success by providing high quality content.  Each and every one of our clients receives 100% of our attention.

What content writing services does Revision Resume offer?

Revision Resume can elevate the level of your B2B or B2C communications through original website content, blogs, case studies, social media posts, newsletters, and more!  We have experience writing content with Search Engine Optimization in mind and provide informative, engaging material.  For examples of our work, click here.

What about editing services?

Nothing says “unprofessional” more so than jumbled or error-ridden content.  Revision Resume offers editing services of existing content to ensure what you post is clear and free of grammatical errors. 


How much do you charge?

It depends on your needs including the type of content you desire and the frequency with which we will be providing new content.  Since each content service is unique, Revision Resume will provide you a detailed quote specific to your business.

Do you use subcontractors?

No, our two writers work exclusively with all clients to develop all unique business content.  You will have our personal attention throughout the process. 

Do you use AI tools to create content?

We do not use AI tools to generate our ideas or create our copy.  Our writing incorporates strategic thinking, creativity, and human connection.  We work collaboratively with our clients to help maximize their vision and deliver engaging content that is tailor-made for their company brand.  

How do you protect the confidentiality of my information?

We will not release any of your information to any third parties or outside entities. Information provided by you only be used by our two writers to create outstanding content for your business.  Every detail you provide us will be held in confidence and we will safeguard your information.  We will not enter your proprietary information into AI.  


How can you help me specifically?

That’s an easy one!  Contact Revision Resume and let's get started! Click here and let’s talk.  We also welcome you to contact us via email at

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