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Why do I need a professional resume writer?

Why do you need an electrician instead of tackling those wires yourself?  Because you don’t have any training and you could get hurt if you don’t!  Most people are too busy in their careers to think much about their resume until they need one—right away.  Most also do not have any insight into the mind of a hiring manager.  Put those two things together and you get a missed opportunityRevision Resume does the leg-work for you using our expertise of the craft, and can help you navigate the high-stakes world of the job application process.

Why Revision Resume?

Revision Resume is a conscientious duo of hard-working professionals trained in resume writing and committed to keeping up with changing trends in the industry.  We are not a content mill somewhere in cyberspace…we are two dedicated individuals whose goal is to help others land the interview that is the gateway to the next step in their career. Your documents, your needs--your job opportunity--will not be outsourced. Each and every one of our clients receives 100% of our attention.

What does a cover letter do, and do I really need one?

A cover letter holds the keys to your resume getting seen.  It is sent along with your resume and acts as a “teaser,” giving the hiring manager enough of a taste of your achievements and qualifications to motivate them to read further.   Always send a cover letter, unless the application specifically tells you not to submit one. Click here for more information about the importance of a cover letter.

What does a Value Proposition Letter do, and do I really need one?

A Value Proposition Letter is sent (ideally) within 24 hours after your interview.  It serves as both a thank you to your interviewer for their time, and as a reminder of what your skills can do for their company.  Think of the cover letter, resume and value proposition letter as the “run-step-jump” sequence that will land you far ahead of all the other competition!  Looking for more information about the importance of a value proposition letter?  Click here.

What if I need to submit my resume online?

You will receive both a PDF file and a text-only file of your resume from us.  PDFs are great because they can be attached to an email and opened by any computer, regardless of platform.  They also preserve the formatting of your document.  Some companies are wary of opening attachments, however, and require a text-only submission.  You can paste your text-only version of your resume and have no worries that both a hiring manager, and an Applicant Tracking System, can read it.

I attended one of your recent workshops and am interested in having you speak at my organization/school/club.  Do you do speaking events?

Yes!  Revision Resume provides educational services for group settings, either in person or via Zoom.  With a collective 20 years of education experience between us, our presentations are clear, informative and current. Contact us to discuss topics that might be of interest to your group.

I think my resume is pretty good…but how can I be sure?

Revision Resume offers a resume critique service for just this situation.  We offer two options for resume critiques:  "At-a-Glance" and "Thorough Review."

For an "At-a-Glance" resume critique, we'll look at your resume and then conduct a 15-minute video call where we provide suggestions for ways you could make updates.  The cost for this service is $45.  

For a "Thorough Review" we embed comments within the your resume and also provide a you a summary of our critique within the document.  You'll be able to clearly see our recommendations and exactly where we suggest you make changes.  It will be easy for you to make edits and improve your resume, increasing your chances for an interview. The cost for this service is $95 (If you are out of college three years or less, we offer discounted rates).

How much do you charge?

It depends on your level of experience (i.e. how much there is to your resume) and what services you need.  Most of the time Revision Resume can provide you with a ballpark figure/range during our first conversation.

Do you use subcontractors?

No, our two writers work exclusively with all clients to develop all career building documents.  You will have our personal attention throughout the process. 

How do you protect the confidentiality of my information?

We will not release any of your information to any third parties or outside entities. Information provided by you will only be used by our two writers to create outstanding career building documents.  Every detail you provide us will be held in confidence and we will safeguard your information.


How can you help me specifically?

That’s an easy one!  Contact Revision Resume and let's get started on that next step in your career! Click here and let’s talk.


I want to write my own resume.  Do you provide any resources that would help me?

Yes, we offer checklists and article packages that job seekers find very helpful as they work on creating their own resume, cover letter and value proposition letters.

Top 10 Common J0b-Seeker Questions

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