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Content Writing Services

Clear and accurate communication is crucial in attracting clients and earning their trust.  Over the years, we have enjoyed creating content for our own resume creation business as well as for a variety of clients.  We create engaging, SEO-friendly content that:

✔ promotes the business
✔ increases search-engine ranking
✔ establishes authority
✔ drives traffic to the website

We have vast experience with both written content and infographic formats.  The advantage of adding infographic content to the overall marketing strategy is that it aids visual learners and engages potential clients through social media platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn. 


To learn more about hiring our content writing services for your business, email us at

Making Notes

Why Do You Need Content?

The average person conducts three or four google searches* each day resulting in an estimated 63,000 google searches being conducted every second!

Potential customers start by learning about a brand, then consider potentially buying, and finally make their decision.  They look at content anywhere between 7 and 27 times before becoming a customer.  Some companies continue to interact with the customer after purchase to ensure loyalty for subsequent sales.

Content can be utilized to provide education, build brand awareness, demonstrate industry knowledge, build trust and credibility and more. 


Many companies use a wide variety of content including:

  • Well-written web pages

  • Blog Posts

  • Case Studies

  • Social Media Posts

  • Newsletters

  • and More!

If your business is not currently utilizing content to gain attention and build relationships, you are likely missing out on potential sales.  If you do have content, but it is not well-written or created with the right frequency, again you may be missing potential customers.

Still not sure investing in content is worthwhile?  We recommend you utilize metrics to measure success.  What is the click rate, conversion rate, response rate, etc?  You will likely be surprised by the success achieved when you invest in quality content.

To learn more about hiring our content writing services for your business, email us at

* According to a 2021 article by Hubspot.  

Business Offices

Areas of Expertise and Experience

Our content creation expertise will aid your business in providing prospective customers valuable content that drives traffic to your website, answers questions potential clients have, and expands brand visibility.

Over our careers, we have worked in a variety of industries (science, engineering, education) resulting in a breadth of knowledge that we employ when creating content.


We have experience writing content for a large range of fields including:

* Resumes and Career Documentation

* Education

* Caregiving

* Real Estate

* Law

* Insurance

* Senior Care

* Dementia

* Home Health Care

*Pediatric and Adult Dental Topics including Orthodontia

* Household Maintenance and Improvements

* Pet Health and Safety

* Family Finances

* Adult and Child Health

* Parenting

* Safe Driving

We are always willing to learn about new topics!  Even if your field isn't listed, reach out to us at to see if we can be of assistance.

Additional Helpful Links:

What Clients Say:

"Fantastic entry. I love the educational tone that offers explanation without being condescending. Spot on to our brand and really focusing on our point of difference"
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Blog Creation

Adding a blog to your company’s website or social media platform can help keep your business in the spotlight.


Blogs can vary in length and purpose.  Some are informational in nature; others advertise a service.  Still others are geared toward improving SEO for your company’s brand.  All are guaranteed to keep your business “top of mind.”

Blogs help you engage with the customer in all aspects of the buying process:

  • Awareness

  • Interest

  • Evaluation

  • Engagement

  • Purchase

Incorporating a blog allows you to establish authority and improve brand awareness.  To see a few examples of blogs we have written, click here.

If you understand the value of a blog but don't have the time to create new content regularly -- or struggle with fresh ideas to meet the schedule demand -- let us help! Our blogs stand out due to the combination of our creative ideas, along with our attention to detail.

We have multiple tools to identify keywords and topics that are both relevant and engaging.  Our blog-writing approach is proven to interest and educate your prospects, while simultaneously improving SEO.

Contact us to learn more!


Case Studies

Everyone loves a good story…especially when there is a happy ending involved. 


A case study does just that.  It goes way beyond a one-line testimonial to engage prospective clients as to what your business has already done…and what your company can do for them. 

A case study provides a detailed story and sincere social proof for your business. 

We take a deep dive into the circumstances of a satisfied client of yours.  By interviewing them, we can create a written piece that illustrates what the problem was, and how your business “saved the day.”


Readers will be cheering for your customer as they read the case study, excited to see the positive result.  They will celebrate your business and how your product or service genuinely pleased the customer by helping them overcome the challenge they were facing.  


Case studies are engaging and compelling, resulting in customer trust. Case studies can be showcased on your company’s website, in its newsletter, or in a myriad of other publications your business puts together. 

They are one of the most powerful marketing tools available in your arsenal!

Boost your business authority, credibility, and expertise with a case study!    

To see a case study example click here to see it online or click here for a pdf version

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Other Available Services

  • Newsletters

  • Web Page Content

  • Social Media Posts

  • Articles

  • Sales Letters

  • More

Have a form of content you need that isn't listed? 

Ask us and we will let you know if we can create what you desire.  We have helped clients out in the past by providing content that isn't listed as one of our typical services. 


We would be happy to work with you to meet your needs as well!

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Client Comments

"Fantastic entry. I love the educational tone that offers explanation without being condescending. Spot on to our brand and really focusing on our point of difference"


"This is absolutely PERFECT!!! Exact tone, feel, on point message we are looking for."


"Length is great. Informative. Balanced perspective."


"I like the simplicity with which you have explained the terms. This is useful for our consumers in search of a better understanding of the process."


"You are a terrific writer. This is perfect : )"

"Awesome work!  Thanks so much."

"Good source of information for a new buyer"

"Perfect to the hot points about services, education, and our role in the process!"

"Love this approach.  Terrific change of pace."

"Great feel. On point with our voice and mission. Thank you!"

"This might be my fav thus far. Thank you!"

"Another great one!"


Web Design

Content Writing Process

Email us at:

We will discuss what kind of content you are looking for (blog posts, case study, webpage content, etc), how frequently you will need new content, your budget, and the timeline. 


Utilizing this information, we will provide you a quote for the work requested. The following details, specific to your project, will be included in the quote:

  • Copywriting Project Details

    • Type of Content​

    • Length

    • Frequency

  • Schedule

  • Fee

  • Terms and Conditions

  • Revision Process

After you have accepted our quote, we will get to work!  

Client comments
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