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3 Job Search Tips During the Summer Months

Looking for a job during the summer months, but feeling discouraged? Take heart: even though hiring tends to slow down from June until August, jobs are still out there. So, don't despair! Keep the following 3 tips in mind to improve your chances of success during your summer job search:

Number 1: Be Patient During a Summer Job Search

Hiring managers and recruiters may be taking summer vacations. That means their decision-making process might be slower than in the January and February time frame.

It may take a few weeks for the hiring team to coordinate their schedules and all be in the office for interviews or to hold a post-interview discussion.

Be aware that these vacations may mean that you will be asked to attend multiple interviews. It's possible that on the day you came in for your interview, a main decision-maker was out of town. Now, you have to come in to interview separately with them.

Therefore, it is imperative that you proceed with patience. Recognize this is just part of hiring over the summer, and be flexible. Ask when you should expect to hear back about a hiring decision, and follow up according to that plan, even if it a few weeks away.

Number 2: Be Ready to Start When Needed

Although the hiring team may be delayed in making a decision of who to offer the job to, that doesn't mean they aren't in desperate need of an employee. In fact, they probably needed to hire someone 3 weeks ago!

Many people who are switching jobs want to take a vacation between roles. They may want to enjoy some downtime between positions. Although this is an enticing thought, keep in mind that you may be putting yourself out of the running by doing so. If a hiring manager is feeling a crunch to get someone new started, they may select another candidate who can start quickly.

Consider skipping the vacation between jobs, and just give your two weeks notice to your current employer. Saying you can start 14 days from the day the offer is made is acceptable, and will make you a more enticing candidate. It will help improve your chances of being selected for the role.

Number 3: Network

Networking outside during a summer job search

Networking is always beneficial for job seekers. It can be even more helpful during the summer months. If hiring managers are stretched due to vacation, they may not have as much time to post jobs and interview. But, the need for employees is still there! It is possible to find jobs that aren't even posted (yet) through networking. Reach out to people you know, and you can get a jump on the competition!

In addition, summer is a great time to reach out to former colleagues or classmates. Go for a walk, meet for an outdoor drink, or attend a professional association get-together. Reconnect, and let people know that you are seeking new employment. They may be able to provide you an introduction to someone who is hiring.

It is possible to find a new job at any point in the year. Take advantage of the benefits summer offers by networking, but also remember to be patient if the job opportunity you find isn't progressing as fast as you would like.

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