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9 Top Soft Skills to Highlight On Your Resume (2024)

In most cases, a combination of soft and hard skills are required to be successful in a particular job. You may have to know a certain type of software, but you also have to be able to work as a member of a team and manage your time appropriately. All three are needed to meet the job qualifications and be an effective employee.

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Below is Revision Resume's list of the top 9 soft skills you should consider highlighting on your resume. These are the skills employers are looking for in job candidates.

  1. Communication. Ability to communicate is listed on almost every job posting we see. Often, companies specify they want strong written and verbal communication. Some jobs seek an ability to communicate with the internal team, while others require strong communication with clients or vendors and many need both. Use examples from previous experiences on your resume that demonstrate effective communication.

  2. Teamwork. Working well with coworkers is often a key to achieve department or company goals. Highlighting positive teamwork from previous roles can help show this important skill.

  3. Problem-Solving. Issues will arise in any job, and you must be able to find a solution. When you are writing bullets for each of your job descriptions, include both actions you took, and results from it. Be sure to demonstrate a time you faced a problem and addressed it.

  4. Time Management. Can you prioritize your tasks appropriately so they all get done on schedule? If you can show projects you have delivered on schedule, this is a great way to highlight your ability to manage your time well.

  5. Leadership. Even if you aren't seeking a management role, leadership skills may be necessary. You may need to mentor fellow team members, or train new hires. Demonstrating an ability to lead a team can be a way to stand out, compared to other job candidates.

  6. Adaptability. This has become a more sought-after soft skill in recent years. Can you adjust to unplanned changes? COVID-19 offered a lot of job seekers the ability to demonstrate adaptability. For instance, you may have suddenly had a change in work location, work hours, or job responsibilities that you had to accommodate unexpectedly.

  7. Emotional Intelligence. Along with adaptability, emotional intelligence is also a more recent top soft skill. Can you tell if a team member, client, or vendor is stressed, even if they don't tell you directly? Do you build strong working relationships? Interpersonal skills are often important for success.

  8. Work Ethic. Are you self-driven? This is often desired because a company wants to provide you a task and then not have to follow up constantly to make sure you are completing it. On your resume, try to demonstrate that you are dependable and reliable.

  9. Critical Thinking. Do you have an analytical mindset? Do you make informed decisions? Can you come up with multiple solutions to a problem? These are all things you will want to showcase on your resume to demonstrate that you are able approach an issue with critical thinking.

Beyond your technical expertise, your resume should highlight soft skills that will help you be successful as an employee. Highlighting these skills can set you apart from other jobs seekers. Need help incorporating soft skills in your resume? Revision Resume is here to help! Contact us today at



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