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Fact or Myth: I Don't Need to Create a Resume Until I am Looking for a Job

Although many job seekers don't start working on their resume until they have begun the process of looking for a job, it really is best to have your resume written in advance. Therefore, it is a myth that you don't need to create your resume until you are ready to search for a job. Let's look at some specific reasons Revision Resume advises you to have a resume prepared -- even if you aren't searching for a job quite yet.

Resume Writing Takes Time

Often, people who are impacted by a layoff feel an urgency to find a new job. They have bills to pay and the severance package -- if there is one -- has a finite duration. Spending a week or so working on their resume is valuable time wasted because they aren't able to start submitting job applications.

Having a base resume created in advance will eliminate the need to spend a significant amount of time researching and crafting a resume. Instead, a day or two of making appropriate tweaks may be all that is necessary.

Yes, it is important to update your resume for the specific job you are applying to. But, that doesn't require you to start from scratch for each job posting. Instead, use your base resume and make changes to it, so it is aligned with the job description and demonstrates how you would be a good match for each role.

Resume Writing is Easiest When You Have the Information at Your Fingertips

Hiring managers are looking for detailed bullets throughout your resume. Stating you were "responsible for the sales department," isn't enough -- they want to know your actions and results. Did you increase the percentage of sales? What method did you use? Was your employee review feedback positive? What did it say?

If you are let go from your role, it may be more difficult to find the details. Do you have a paper copy of your employee review, or is that contained in a proprietary online system that you will lose access to when you are no longer employed? What about the specific numbers, such as increase in sales? Is that something you have recorded at home? If not, you will want to create your resume with those details while you have still have access to the information you need. You may need to reach out to co-workers to obtain the desired details, and it is easiest to do that when you are still working together.

You Want to Be Ready to Submit When the Job Opening is Posted

Ideally, you will submit your resume to a job opening within a few days of it being posted. If you don't have a resume created, you will need to spend time crafting it, which will take more than just a couple of days to accomplish.

If you have a base resume ready, you can just adjust it to the specific role. You will want to look at your title and align it to the title of the opening. Modifying the executive summary is also a great way to get keywords and soft skills from the job description incorporated into your resume.

Don't wait to get your resume in order until you are looking for a new role. Revision Resume can help. Contact us to learn more.

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