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Frequently Asked Questions About Resume Contact Information

The top of your resume is often an area that you can quickly create. After all, it only contains your contact information. How simple is that? However, questions do sometimes arise regarding how to handle contact information on your resume. This blog will provide you the details you need to properly list your contact information on your resume.

Can I put my contact information in the header?

No, you should not put your contact information in the header. Why? Well, many companies use an applicant tracking system to read the resume and store it for the hiring department. Some of these computer programs completely disregard any information contained in the header or footer of the document. Therefore, if your contact information is contained in the header, it may be lost and not retained with the rest of your resume. Keep your contact information in the body of the document.

Should I include my street address?

It is not necessary to include your street address on your resume. The potential employer will not be sending you mail to ask you to interview or provide you details about the hiring process. So, they don't really need to know where you live exactly. You certainly don't want to include your street address on your resume if you are posting it to LinkedIn or applying for a job online using a widely searched job board like Indeed.

Is it advantageous to include my city and town on my resume?

Yes, it can be advantageous to include your city and town on your resume. Some hiring managers will search for resumes by location because they want to hire someone that lives in the area and doesn't require relocation. So, if you are putting your resume up on a hiring board or on LinkedIn it is wise to include your city and town.

Are you moving? If so, you should list the city and town where you will be living on your resume instead of listing your current location.

I am going for a remote position. Do I really need to include my town and state?

If you are seeking a remote location you do not need to include your town and state on your resume. You may decide you still want to, but it is a personal decision.

However, if you are hoping that by not including your town and state on your resume your pay will be higher because they won't factor in the cost of living for your location, keep in mind that company will be asking your location at some point during the hiring process. So, you won't be able to keep this information secret forever. In addition, some companies may want to know early on in the process so they can verify you are in the same time zone.

Should I add my LinkedIn URL to my contact section?

Yes, adding your LinkedIn URL to your contact section can be beneficial, especially if you have a well developed LinkedIn profile that compliments your resume (and doesn't contradict any information).

Revision Resume recommends you make your URL professional as a further way to impress the hiring manager. It is easy to do and we have provided step by step directions here.

Although it may seem like the contact information section of your resume should require very little thought, this blog shows there are a few details to consider. If you need help with this section, or any other aspect of your resume, reach out to Revision Resume for assistance! We are happy to help job seekers in the Greater Rochester area and beyond!



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