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Thank you for selecting our service: Resume Creation.   

Now that you have provided me your resume and any job postings you are considering, I'll need about 30-40 minutes of your time. I'll be asking you some follow-up questions based on the information you've given me.  

Prospective employers love to read about results on a resume, so of specific interest to me will be the accomplishments and the "numbers" from the past positions you've held.

I plan to ask you questions seeking details such as the examples listed below.  It may be helpful for you to do some research in advance so you are ready to provide specific answers to these types of questions (review previous performance reviews, locate and record metrics from projects, etc.).

  • What specific tasks did you accomplish in your previous and current positions and do these tasks support the job you are currently seeking?

  • For those accomplishments, which words best describe your role? Managed? Negotiated, Developed? etc.

  • For previously held positions, how did you contribute to the company or department’s success?  

  • Provide as many specific numbers as you can (sales increases, client retention, reduced expenses, etc).

  • What were your past performance reviews like?  Are there any complimentary quotes we can use?

You will sign up for a time slot by clicking "book now" below.  A Zoom link will be generated and provided via email.

We will meet with you via Zoom at the selected time so I can gather the information I need to craft a resume unique to you.

Thanks!  We look forward to working with you!

If you are unable to find an open time that works with your schedule, please email us at

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