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3 Teen Summer Job Considerations

Are you are teenager looking for your first job? If so, there are a few details you may want to consider as you evaluate the options available. Let's look at what aspects you should think through before you apply.

Do You Want to Work Beyond the Summer?

One question you should ask yourself is, "Do I want to work just for the summer months, when school is out? Or, should I search for a role that could be held year-round, with more hours in the summer?" This will help you determine what kind of job you apply for.

Only seeking summer employment? The local amusement park is probably in need of ride operators and concession stand workers. These jobs are commonly filled by teen employees, and will only last during the warm weather. Outdoor lifeguard, summer camp counselor, and landscaping employee are also good options for summer-only employment.

lifeguarding as a summer job for a teen

Looking for something year-round? If you are a lifeguard, you may want to find a job at an indoor pool, such as a local aquatic center or high school. Alternatively, stores may be seeking retail sales associates. Restaurants often need food service workers (both in the kitchen and serving meals). Senior living facilities may need someone to assist residents or clean the facility.

If you have your driver's license, you could consider becoming a delivery driver. Babysitting is also a common teenage job.

Into sports? Maybe you could become a referee for younger age groups. Excellent student? What about tutoring those that struggle?

There are many options for teenagers seeking employment. Think through how many months of the year you would like to work, as well as what you would be interested in pursuing.

Are You Trying to Develop Specific Skills or Gain Experience in a Certain Field Through Your Summer Job?

Often, teenagers want to develop skills or gain experience through their summer employment. You also may want to consider what you would like to do as a future career when looking for summer job.

If you plan to become a teacher, tutoring or babysitting might be good options that would help built an appropriate skill set.


Interested in working as a chef? Consider seeking a job in a restaurant. Even if you start out washing dishes, you can learn about the restaurant business.

Think you might want to run your own business when you are older? Consider starting a small business as your summer job. For example, do you like pets? Open a pet sitting or dog walking business. Are you good at yard work? Start your own landscaping business. Figuring out how to advertise, schedule and handle the accounting will be excellent experience for your future as a business owner.

Are you considering the medical field as a future career? Look for a summer job that relates. You could apply to be a caregiver in a nursing home. Or, you may find a position as a pharmacy technician. If you are well-organized, you could consider applying for a role as a receptionist in a medical or dental office.

Consider Developing Soft Skills With Your Summer Job

Many teenagers aren't sure what they want to do once they graduate. No problem. You don't need to find a summer job in a certain field. Instead, focus on the soft skills you want to develop. No matter where you see yourself in 10 years, all jobs need employees with strong soft skills. Time management and customer service are two areas that are commonly emphasized in job postings. If you take a job at a local fast food restaurant, you will be developing and demonstrating both.

What are other key soft skills? Here is a list of skills we often see on job postings:

  • Communication

  • Problem-solving

  • Analytical Skills

  • Interpersonal Skills

  • Collaboration

  • Flexibility

  • Reliability

No matter which summer job you select, you will likely be gaining a few of these soft skills along the way.

Getting Started

Gaining employment experience and skills as a teenager is valuable. No matter which job you choose, you will be learning important skills. Taking the first step of applying for a job may feel overwhelming. Not sure what to do next? Read this blog to learn our suggestions for how to proceed. Reach out to Revision Resume if you need assistance! We are here to help job seekers of all ages!



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