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3 Things to LOVE About Your Job Search

Searching for a new job is often a frustrating and stressful experience. It may seem as if everyone is snapping up new jobs, but the reality is that it commonly takes many months to obtain a job offer (even during the current "Great Resignation"). Seeking a new job requires hard work, including writing a resume (or multiple versions of a resume), networking, and interviewing. And, sometimes, after all of that, you still don't get the offer -- in fact, you may not even hear back from the company at all. It can be disheartening and discouraging especially if you are out of work and need a new paycheck.

However, this Valentine's Day, Revision Resume wants to point out the positives of the job search. What is there to love about the process? Read on:

1) See Yourself and Your Future in a New Light

Many people see their job history as a series of individual roles. What they don't always see is that these roles often build upon each other. We frequently have clients tell us that they love the resume we created because it helps them see their unique skills and experiences in a new way. They appreciate the focus the resume provides and how it demonstrates the whole of their professional experience.

Highlighting the "big picture" in your resume allows you to see which openings align best with your goals, and can help you determine which positions to apply for. Seeing your professional experiences clearly summarized also provides confidence when you submit your job application.

Most importantly, viewing yourself in a new light can help you choose a job that you will both enjoy and excel at -- preventing the need for a subsequent job search in the near future.

2) The Interview is also for You

When people prepare for an interview, they often focus on performing well so they can get a job offer. While this is important, it helps to re-frame the interview process a bit and keep in mind that it is also an opportunity for you to figure out if the job will be a good fit.

Within the interview, you can find out about company culture, work hours, what managers are like, and more. Question what the work-life balance will be and if they offer opportunities for continuing education.

Prior to the interview, identify your priorities and create a list of questions you want answered so you can learn if the position is a good match.

3) Obtaining the Position of Your Dreams!

While the process may not always be easy, the end result is worthwhile.

Are you looking to get a new job with more pay, better benefits, the opportunity for growth, or just to get out of a bad situation? In any of these cases, the result is worth the effort.

Even if it takes months to achieve, you will feel such satisfaction when you start your new job! Keep the end in mind as you travel your job seeking path.

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