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4 Reasons Canva Does Not Create an Effective Resume

In previous blogs we have addressed using AI to create a resume or cover letter. Today let's talk about Canva. It is an amazing online graphic design tool that is generally free to use. Social media posts, posters, and logos can be made in a manner of minutes, and look professional. But, can it do the same for a resume?

At Revision Resume, we caution clients against using Canva when creating a resume or cover letter. Let's look at some reasons why:

Reason 1: Canva is not ATS Friendly

Canva uses text boxes and other elements to create an attractive design. Unfortunately Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) are not able to decipher information that is displayed this way. The result is that some (or all) of the content within the resume may not be brought in properly by the ATS.

The result?

The hiring manager who opens the resume may not see everything you originally included. Or, the content may be scrambled when the hiring manager opens the document, making it hard to figure out what is your work experience vs your education. Although a Canva resume looks nice when you produce it, the outcome isn't optimized for the full hiring process, which often includes use of an ATS to input, sort and store resumes.

Reason 2: Canva Can't be Saved as a Word or Google Document

Once you complete the creation of your resume with Canva, you are able to save it only as certain file types, such as a JPG or PDF. Some job applications specify that you submit your resume as a Word or Google Doc. This is not possible with a Canva resume. You must follow the directions on the job application exactly, so the inability to provide a document in the right format is a major problem.

Reason 3: Canva Templates Available Don't Always Follow Resume Guidelines

Person taking a photo

Many available Canva resume templates include a place for a photo. This is not an acceptable practice in the U.S. In fact, some companies toss any resumes submitted with a photo aside, because they don't want it to appear they are being biased.

Canva templates can also have outdated resume features, such as an objective statement, or a "references available upon request" section. You don't want to break the rules of resume creation by using a template that is not up to current industry standards.

Reason 4: Canva Templates May not Allow You the Space for Actions and Results

Canva resume templates are designed to look appealing. Yet, they don't always allow you to include the information required. In order to fit your bullets within the text box space, you may not be able to provide detailed information. Hiring managers consistently tell us that they are looking for your actions and results. Yet this level of detail may not fit in a template field. Sticking with a Word or Google document will allow you to include the details that will help demonstrate you have the skills required for the new role.

Although it may seem appealing to write your resume with Canva, we advise against it. Stick with a Google or Word doc so you can follow current standards, include important details, save as a variety of file types, and be readable by an ATS.

If you need assistance creating or editing your resume, don't hesitate to reach out to Revision Resume. We would be happy to assist you on your job search!



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