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Can't I Just Write My Own Resume?

As you are perusing our resume services, you may be wondering "can't I just write my own resume?" Of course, the answer to that question is "yes." However, Revision Resume cautions that you have to write your resume the correct way in order to receive a request for an interview. Should you fail to craft a proper resume, the opportunity will pass you by and someone else - who did submit a well-worded resume - will be offered the interview instead. Below we have a list of questions you should ask yourself before you write your own resume. Answering these questions will help you verify if you are capable of successfully producing a document that will get your foot in the door for a job offer. Let's take a closer look:

Can I Follow Current Resume Guidelines?

Recruiters and hiring managers are expecting certain information on your resume. If what they are looking for is missing, your resume may end up on the discard pile. You only have one chance to make a positive impression, and you don't want to waste it because you didn't follow current resume guidelines. Do you know what sections are expected in a resume and what is considered outdated? Do you know how to write in first person implied? Do you know what information should be left off a resume?

If you don't know the answers to these three questions, you have some homework to do before you sit down to write your own resume. We have numerous blogs on these topics that can help you. However, many people find they do not have the time to do this research. In that case, reach out and have Revision Resume write the resume for you. Not only do our services save our clients time, they provide confidence that the resume submitted is up to current standards!

Can I Format My Resume for AI?

Computer hard drive representing an applicant tracking system

Let's take a step even further back. In most cases, a human being isn't the first thing to review your resume -- a computer program is. Yes, AI has it's place in the hiring process too! Do you know what kind of formatting is required to make sure your resume is compatible with the AI that will be bringing it into the system and providing it to the recruiter or hiring manager for review? Do you know how to make sure your contact information is not lost in the process? If not, you need to spend some time getting yourself up to speed on the current technology (hint: read our blogs on the Applicant Tracking System). At Revision Resume, Laura and Carrie know the in's and out's of formatting a resume that will comply with ATS technology, as well as catch the eye of the human beings making the hiring decisions!

Can I Articulate My Actions and Strengths?

Often, the resumes we are asked to critique are just lists of job responsibilities. This is not what a hiring manager or recruiter is looking for. They want to see what you have successfully done in the past and how you accomplished it. Many people struggle to write like this about themselves. They don't want to sound like they are bragging or inadvertently take all of the credit for success that was achieved by an entire team. However, a bland resume that just lists what you were supposed to be doing doesn't sell you as someone that should be interviewed. Are you comfortable writing in a way that sells your actions and strengths? Are you capable of listing your successes and how you achieve them? If not, it may be best to leave the resume creation to a professional resume writer!

Can I Highlight My Skills and Qualifications for the Job Opening?

Another area of weakness we often see in resumes we are asked to critique is they contain too much irrelevant information. Many people approach resume writing as an autobiography. They want to include all of their work experience, volunteer roles and even their hobbies. The end result is a document that is filled with information the hiring manager isn't interested in. When they review your resume they have to search to find the pertinent content. Are you really going to rely on the hiring manager to do that? You shouldn't. Recruiters we speak to point out that including too much irrelevant information is another way to get your resume discarded.

Keep in mind that hiring managers are busy people and they may only glance at your resume for a few seconds before deciding if they want to take a closer look, or move on to someone else. Highlight only the skills and qualifications you have that are compatible for the specific job you are seeking, instead of providing a complete list of what you did in the past. Are you able to determine what is relevant and should be included on your resume? Can you identify content that should be deleted because it isn't relevant? Can you tell from the job posting what is important to the hiring manager? If not, writing your own resume may result in you not getting called for any interviews. Consider contacting Revision Resume instead!

Can I Thoroughly Proofread?

Woman contemplating writing (and proofreading) her own resume.

Hiring managers and recruiters have repeatedly told us they cast aside resumes that have more than 1 obvious error because it demonstrates and inability to pay attention to detail. So, before you submit the resume you created, you need to ask yourself: how confident are you that it is error-free? Are you good at editing for grammar and spelling? What about paying attention to formatting details, such as alignment of dates and consistency of bullets and bolding? When you read through a resume, would you catch clunky wording and know how to re-word appropriately? If you aren't 100% positive that your resume is letter-perfect, consider a Revision Resume critique. Why take a chance? Having a professional review your resume may be what finds an error and allows you to prevent your resume from ending up on the discard pile!

If you are considering writing your own resume, make sure you can answer "yes" to all of the questions listed above. The goal is to create a document that is error-free, written to appease both AI and the human being reviewing it, and that showcases how your skills and accomplishments demonstrate you are ready to take on the new role! If you have any doubt that you can accomplish this on your own, consider contacting Revision Resume for assistance. You don't want to miss out on the job of your dreams because your resume was subpar! We have helped many job seekers by creating resumes they are proud to submit and feel confident in. We have assisted clients throughout the U.S. and in Canada, and would be happy to work with you as well!



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