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During the "Great Resignation" You Can Get a Job Instantly, Right? Wrong!

There is a perception that during the "Great Resignation" people are snapping up new jobs in a matter of days. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Let's look at why it often still takes months to obtain a new role.

Length of Hiring Process

In order to obtain a job offer, you have to submit a resume, be selected for an interview, and complete the interview process. Networking is also recommended. These steps each take time.

If you don't have a resume ready, creating one may take a few weeks. It is best to have a base resume crafted before you start your job search. Then, you can just make modifications to individualize it for each job opening you apply for.

Once you submit your resume, you can expect the hiring department will take some time to review all of the applications they receive. They will then decide who to follow up with.

Follow-up is often a multi-step process. You may be asked to interview over the phone before interviewing in-person, or via online video. Many companies all require multiple rounds of interviews. Revision Resume has heard of some candidates going on 7 interviews for the same position! Scheduling and conducting all of these interviews for all of the potential candidates can easily take months.

After the hiring decision has been made and the offer given, negotiations begin. If you choose to negotiate for a higher salary or better benefits, this can add time to the process as well (although Revision Resume sees this as a valuable addition of time since you should always advocate for yourself!)

Hiring Departments May be Understaffed Too

In the best of circumstances, the above process is time consuming. Now consider that the hiring departments have also been impacted by the "Great Resignation." Some hiring departments let large numbers of employees go at the beginning of the pandemic, when businesses were shut down and hiring was frozen. Many report being currently understaffed because of this, or because people are leaving their role for something else.

With more job openings and less employees, each employee is carrying a heavier workload. So, this naturally slows down the process. One person can only review so many candidates and conduct so many interviews in a day.

More Candidates Means Stiffer Competition

Right now, there are lots of people considering making a job change. This means that for each job opening, hundreds of people are submitting their resumes. You may be well-qualified for the role, but it is possible 10 or 20 other candidates are also well-qualified. If your resume doesn't stand out compared to the others, you may not get called for an interview. Therefore, many job candidates are finding they need to apply to multiple roles in order to be considered. This can lengthen the job search process.

The First Job May Not be the Right Job

The first job you apply for may not end up being the job you take. Either you aren't offered the position after rounds of interviews, and have to start fresh with a new opening, or you get an offer but decide that the role isn't right for you. In either case, you are starting the process over again.

Revision Resume always advises job seekers to closely evaluate the new role before accepting the position. A recent Pew Research Center study indicated that those who switched jobs in 2021 didn't always come away with a better package than they had in their previous role. According to Pew, "Fewer than half of workers who quit a job last year (42%) say they now have better benefits, such as health insurance and paid time off, while a similar share (36%) says it’s about the same. About one-in-five (22%) now say their current benefits are worse than at their last job." Take the time to determine if the job offer is the improvement you were seeking before accepting. You might be better off continuing on the search for a new position.

While right now is a great time to seek a new job, keep in mind that it is not realistic to expect a job offer to happen quickly. It will likely take many months before you are able to resign from your current role and switch to the new one. Therefore, you should plan accordingly.

If you need help with your job search, contact Revision Resume. We offer many valuable resources to job seekers including resume creations, resume critiques, and educational programs.



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