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Frequently Asked Questions About Age Discrimination

Does Age Discrimination Affect Only Older Workers?

Unfortunately, age discrimination can affect both older and younger workers. We hear of discrimination being a problem for people 50+ and for those that are fresh out of school.

Older workers face discrimination because employers may incorrectly assume their skills are outdated or they aren't willing to learn new things. Younger job seekers are passed by for those with work experience.

How Can I Minimize Age Discrimination When I am 50+?

If you are over 50, you should utilize a few methods of updating your resume to prevent experiencing age discrimination. Keep in mind that your resume does not need to list your entire work history. You should only include the last 10-15 years. Older experience is likely not beneficial for your job search anyway.

Double-check the skills you have included on your resume. Would any of them be considered outdated? If so, take them off. Same with technologies.

In addition, you do not need to list dates for your college graduation. You can list the school and degree but leave the date off.

Finally, consider creating a LinkedIn profile and adding a custom URL to your resume.

How Can I Minimize Age Discrimination When I am a New Grad?

New grads want to try to showcase as much experience as possible. If you had an internship in your field, highlight it on your resume. Include details such as the actions you took and the results obtained.

No internship? Consider highlighting class projects that pertain to the role you are seeking. Volunteer experience that is relevant can also be beneficial to demonstrate you have the skills the company is in need of.

My Resume Got Selected for an Interview. Am I Still at Risk of Age Discrimination?

Unfortunately, yes. You may still be passed over for the position due to your age. If you are an older worker, be sure to emphasize your willingness and ability to learn new things during the interview. Provide examples that show you are current with technology and up to date in your field.

Younger job applicants should be sure they dress and behave professionally throughout the interview. You want to present yourself as a employee that will fit into the company culture, which likely includes workers that have been in the field for numerous years. In addition, be prepared to answer questions about your experience. Have examples from your internship or school projects in mind.

Need Help?

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