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Tips for a New Grad to Stand Out

Creating a resume when you are just graduating from college is difficult. You may not have much (or any) relevant work experience. You don't want to submit a resume that appears to lack qualifications though. Consider the following tips to help your resume stand out:

Look for Experience In Other Places

College graduate

If you are just graduating, you won't have 5+ years of experience in the field you are applying to. Yet, you may have relevant experience that you can (and should) include on your resume.

Think about your volunteer work. Does any of that include job-related skills? How about internships? Even if these weren't related to the job you are applying for, you can use them to demonstrate soft skills, such as time management and customer service.

Look at summer jobs from a different perspective. A job as a cashier at a grocery store can provide relevant customer service experience. If you were a line cook at a restaurant, you can demonstrate time management. Check here to learn about soft-skills employers are currently focused on, and think through how your volunteer work, summer jobs and internships demonstrate those important qualifications.

Consider Including Academics on Your Resume

Academic presentation by a college student

If you have academic experience that directly relates to the job posting, consider including it on your resume. Did you write a relevant paper or present on an important topic at a conference or in a class? Did you earn an award or excel in a specific program? Does your extracurricular activity line up with the job? These types of academic experiences can help show that you are more qualified than the competition, and should be included on your resume.

Avoid High School Information

It may be tempting to include information from high school on your resume in order to add more content. However, employers are generally not interested in your high school GPA or classes. It is best to leave high school content off of your resume.

Once You Get the Interview, Be Professional

If you have created a high quality resume and received a call in for an interview, congratulations! But, be sure you continue to show professionalism--you may be competing against people with a few years of work experience for the job. It is important to dress appropriately and follow etiquette during the interview. If you have a virtual interview, consider the tips listed here.

It is also highly recommended that you send a thank you note after the interview. This shows professionalism and is an opportunity to reinforce your strengths. Here are more details.

If you are a recent grad searching for a job, Revision Resume is here to help. Our blog provides additional tips for job seekers including recent grads and is updated weekly. We also offer discounts to recent graduates for our resume writing services. We pride ourselves on creating resumes for recent grads that demonstrate the skills and qualifications they have! Contact us to learn more!

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