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How a Well-Crafted Resume is the Foundation of a Successful Job Search

A well-crafted resume helps you identify and express your own value

Our clients are often surprised when they read the resumes we have created for them. They say things like "I can't believe that is me...but it is me!" A major return on the investment of hiring the right resume writer is it can be incredibly invigorating to see your skills and experience captured correctly and presented in a way you haven't previously thought of.

If you are writing your own resume, try looking at yourself from an outside view, so that instead of just seeing your previous job responsibilities or actions, you can see the impact you had and the valuable results you achieved.

Showing concrete results on your resume is not only valuable to the person reviewing the resumes, but also to you as a job-seeker. It provides you confidence as you evaluate new roles and helps you identify which roles would be the best fit for your skill sets. This makes it more likely that you will apply for something you will be successful at and enjoy.

A well-crafted resume shows how you will address the pain points of the business

A well-crafted resume can elevate you compared to the other job candidates. When you write it specifically to the job posting, you are demonstrating to the employer that you can address the issues they are facing. After all, they are hiring because they have a need. So, by showing that you have the skills and abilities to address their need, you will stand out compared to the other applicants. This helps elevate you and makes it more likely you will be called for an interview.

Alternatively, if you provide a generic resume, it won't showcase how you can alleviate their current pain points. Therefore, you will potentially be just one of hundreds of resumes submitted for the opening.

While a job search involves multiple components for success -- including networking, interviewing, and appropriate follow-up -- providing a well-crafted resume is a significant aspect that can't be overlooked.

A well-crafted resume gives you talking points for the interview

Now that you have thought through your specific skills and qualifications and how they relate to the job description, you are better prepared for the interview. If you have included actions and results in your bullet points, you can easily elaborate on those details when asked interview questions.

You will have already analyzed how your job experience relates to the position you are applying for. This prevents you from having to think it through on the spot during the interview. You will come across as confident and well-spoken, instead of struggling to find an answer.

You will be ready to tell the story behind the experiences you highlighted. And, having knowledge about the company needs, you will be able to frame your answers to show that you can address their issues. This will help you stand out compared to other interviewees.

A well-crafted resume is truly the foundation of a successful job search. If you need assistance creating your resume, we are here to help. Revision Resume provides resume creation, resume critiques and more for job seekers. Reach out to learn how we can assist you.

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What’s Next?  With the Right Resume, the Sky’s the Limit!

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