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Resume Critique vs. Resume Creation: Question and Answers

Unsure if a resume critique or resume creation would be best for your current situation? We have provided a question and answer session below that should help you determine which would be most advantageous for you. It also answers the most common questions we receive from clients regarding our resume critique and creation services.

Is Your Resume Up to Date?

Does your resume have your most current job listed? Does it include actions and results from that job? Does it only contain information from the last 10-15 years? Have you removed outdated formatting such as an Objective statement?

If you answered yes to all of these questions, your resume may be ready for a resume critique. We will provide you suggestions for formatting updates, areas where additional details would be helpful, corrections of any proofreading errors we find and more in our critique. Having your resume critiqued will help give you confidence that you are submitting a document that stands out, compared to the competition.

What Format Do I Need to Provide for a Resume Critique?

You can provide us your current resume in a Google Doc or Microsoft Word format. Have it in a different format? Reach out via and we can let you know if we can critique your resume in the format you have.

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Does a Resume Critique Change My Resume?

No, when you receive a resume critique from Revision Resume, your resume will not be modified. We make comments throughout your resume using the "review" function in Microsoft Word or Google Docs. You can read through the comments and decide which ones you want to implement. Then you can make any necessary modifications.

Does a Resume Critique Address Formatting Errors?

Yes, we will embed comments regarding any formatting issues we see and make suggestions for how they can be fixed. You will decide if you want to make the suggested changes, or leave your resume as is.

Does a Resume Critique Identify Content Changes?

Yes, evaluating the content of your resume is part of our critique process. We will point out information that we feel is outdated. We will also make suggestions for where you should add more details. If we feel you are missing a section or information, we will point that out too.

What if After You Complete my Resume Critique, I want Revision Resume to Re-Write my Resume for Me?

This happens. We have clients that decide they don't want to take the time to make the suggested changes to their resume but instead would like us to make them, or craft them a brand new resume. We are happy to do this. Just let us know and we can provide you a quote for the discounted, post-critique resume creation cost.

What do I Need to Provide for a Resume Creation?

In order for us to create a resume for you, we will need your most current version of your resume (even if it doesn't include the job you most recently held). We also request you provide us any job postings you are planning to apply to. If you don't have any identified quite yet, it is still helpful to know what type of job you will be looking for. Therefore, we request postings of jobs you might consider or jobs that would be your "dream job."

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My Resume Doesn't Include My Recent Employment. How Will Revision Resume Learn Information That Isn't Currently On My Resume?

After we review the outdated version of your resume you provided us and look at the job posting(s), we will set up a Zoom meeting or phone call. We will ask you questions to clarify the information you have provided, and will learn any details that weren't included (such as your current position, if it is not on your most recent resume).

What Format Will You Provide if You Create a Resume for Me?

We will provide your resume in pdf, Microsoft Word, and text formats. This will allow you to submit your resume in whatever form is required on the job application.

What if I Want You to Make Changes to the Resume You Created for Me?

We are happy to make changes to your resume as you request. Please notify us within 5 business days of receiving the finished document, and we will make edits to meet your requests.

Interested in either a resume critique or resume creation? Email us at or contact us via the form at the bottom of our home page.

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