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Unveiling Hiring Managers' 3 Biggest Complaints About Job Seekers

Want to know what hiring managers really think? At Revision Resume we regularly speak with hiring managers to learn the latest hiring trends. They also tell us what they find frustrating about job seekers! We are sharing this information with our readers today in hopes that you can avoid pitfalls other candidates have made. This way, you can stand out when applying for the role!

1. Job Seekers Didn't Bother to Read the Job Posting!

reading a job posting

Recently, we had a hiring manager complain to us about the responses he received for his latest job posting. The posting included specific qualifications. It was also related to a certain technical role. The resumes he received were completely unrelated. They made no mention of the technical role and didn't show any relevant qualifications. He said, "it seemed like they hadn't even bothered to read the job posting!"

Why would this be frustrating to a hiring manager? Well, they are looking to fill a specific role. They would like to interview qualified candidates. When they get resumes that show no relevant skills and don't mention the field they are seeking, it is hard to pick someone to interview.

We are guessing that this hiring manager is receiving resumes from people who use the "Spray and Pray" method. They apply to 100+ job openings, using the same resume every time. They hope one will stick, but usually it doesn't. Then, the job seeker complains that no one is calling them for an interview, even though they have applied to dozens and dozens of jobs!

What can you do? First, figure out which jobs you want to apply to. Don't just blindly apply to whatever comes your way. Find 5 or 10 that you think are a good match -- both for you and the company. Next, make sure you actually read the full job posting. Carrie and Laura suggest you go "old school," and print (yes, print!) the posting out on a piece of paper (yes, paper!). Then, grab a highlighter and highlight the aspects that seem most important. If you have those skills, be sure they are apparent in the resume and/or cover letter. This will help increase your chances of getting a phone call.

2. Job Seekers Didn't Follow the Directions on the Job Application

Hiring managers tell us it drives them bonkers when job seekers don't follow the directions provided right on the job application. They take the time to specify exactly what they want, and then receive applications that don't fulfill the clear requests.

Why would this be frustrating to a hiring manager? If you aren't going to bother following the directions when you are trying to make a good first impression, will you follow them when you are hired? If a hiring manager has to ask this question of you, they will probably move on to other candidates.

Again, we believe this is common with job seekers who are trying to apply to dozens of jobs. They are just moving too quickly to bother spending time looking at the specific directions for each job posting.

What can you do? Try not to hurry! Slow down, and give each job application the time it deserves. Read it over, not just once, but twice. If it says to include a cover letter, take the time to write and attach one. Don't assume any part of the directions are optional. Follow them to a "T," to show you are capable of following instructions!

3. Job Seekers Submit Documentation with Obvious Typos or Errors

Hiring managers indicate that resumes or cover letters containing obvious typos or errors are pitched right in the trash! They want a document that has been proofread.

Why would this be frustrating to a hiring manager? Almost every job out there requires someone who is detail-oriented. Whether you are an accountant, engineer, or fast-food worker, you must pay attention to the details to be successful. When you submit job documentation that has obvious errors, you are not demonstrating this important skill.

What can you do? Again, it is helpful to take your time. Print your resume and cover letter out to review them closely. Have someone else look at your job documentation before you submit it. A second set of eyes may find something you have overlooked.

Revision Resume is here to support you in your job search! Want to make sure your resume and cover letter are error-free? Contact us for a resume critique! Unsure if your resume shows the qualifications related to the job? We can take a look at both your resume and the job posting and let you know what we think! Our critiques are thorough and will provide you the clear guidance you need! Contact us today!



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