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What Job Seekers Should Learn from Mikaela Shiffrin and the 2022 Olympics

If you have been watching the Olympics you are likely aware that Mikaela Shiffrin has not had the success anticipated. While this has been disappointing, it also provides valuable lessons that Revision Resume believe job seekers should heed. Let's examine the lessons we can take from Mikaela Shiffrin's 2022 Olympics experience.

1) Keep Trying

When Mikaela Shiffrin fell in her first 2022 Olympic event, she had two choices: she could give up and go home, or she could prepare for the next event.

Mikaela chose to prepare for the next event. When that one also resulted in a fall, she got back up again, and focused on racing in the third event she was scheduled for. After the third event didn't go as planned, she got back on the slopes to practice for the upcoming mixed team event. In the face of each defeat, she continued to move forward.

Job seekers often face a similar scenario. They apply for a job they really want to obtain, but some may never get called for an interview. Others go through an elaborate interview process, but in the end aren't offered a position. This can feel devastating. Regardless, the candidate must accept the defeat and move forward by seeking a different opening.

2) Defeat Doesn't Define You

Mikaela's Olympics have obviously been disappointing. Yet the inability to earn an individual medal in these Olympics does not take away the medals she has earned previously. She will always be an Olympic Gold Medalist for the two golds she won at previous Olympic games. Mikaela has had an amazing career so far, and the failures of these past two weeks don't eliminate that history -- or her ability to achieve success in the future.

The same is true for job seekers. It can be an intense feeling of defeat when you don't get the job offer after going through the interview process, but you can't let that define you. It doesn't take away from the successes you have had in the past and doesn't predict failures in the future.

Maybe the interview didn't go quite as well as you thought it did. Or maybe they found another candidate with skills that were slightly better aligned to that particular opening. It is even possible that the business ended up not filling the position at all. You may never know.

Carry your past successes with you to the next job interview, instead of focusing on this one that didn't result in the job you desired.

3) Always be Professional

While defeat in competition doesn't define Mikaela Shiffrin, how she has handled such incredible disappointment does.

It is easy for a gold medal champion to provide an interview to the press. Everyone is celebrating, so the positive responses are easy to provide.

Answering questions after such devastating results is a lot more difficult. In fact, many athletes do not handle this well. Some will just avoid the media entirely, whereas others literally have a tantrum for the entire world to see. Think of golfers that have broken their golf clubs in fits of rage, for example.

Mikaela addresses the media and their questions thoughtfully and patiently, even after enduring what has to be a heartbreaking experience. She honestly states, "I'm really disappointed and I'm really frustrated." She doesn't try to make excuses or blame others.

Job seekers should strive to do the same. Even if an interview doesn't go well, it is worthwhile to send a polite thank you note after. If you don't get the position, avoid lashing out at the business on social media. Keep your head up and show professionalism by expressing gratitude for the opportunity to interview with the company.

Final Thoughts

Although it has been difficult to watch Mikaela Shiffrin not achieve the success she desired, her response has provided us all valuable lessons that can be applied to other areas of life, including to those searching for a new job.

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