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Why Am I Not Getting a Job Offer?

If you have been seeking a new job and aren't getting any offers, you may wonder what is going wrong. The answer likely depends on where you are getting stuck in the hiring process. Let's examine two different cases.

Not Getting Called for Interviews

In our first scenario, let's say you have submitted numerous resumes, but are hearing only crickets. You are very interested in the openings, yet no one is calling you in for an interview. What could be going wrong? Well, there are a few different possibilities.

Are the Job Postings a Good Match for You?

Are you selecting the right job postings to apply to? You may be interested in the roles, but you may not have the skills the hiring manager is seeking. Take some time to consider if your skills and experience align with the jobs you have submitted applications to. For example, did they all require a bachelor's degree and you have an associate's degree? Some hiring managers state that the level of degree a candidate has is non-negotiable, so they won't consider someone that doesn't have the minimum level of education required on the job posting. Do you have approximately 65+% of the qualifications listed on the job posting? We suggest that you shouldn't apply to a role unless you have that minimum.

If you are applying for roles that are out of reach, you may be passed over time after time. Obviously you should reach for the career you dream of, but you may need to take a few intermediate steps to get there. This could mean getting a job that you are currently qualified for and then seeking additional educational opportunities. Or, you may be able to volunteer in roles that help build up your skill level.

Does Your Resume Show Your Capabilities?

Take a close look at your resume. Does it show you would be able to do the job? Is it aligned with the job posting to demonstrate you have the skills the hiring manager is seeking? Is everything in the resume relevant? Is it up to current resume standards and free of spelling and grammatical errors? Recruiters commonly tell us that they eliminate resumes that are in an outdated format, or are rife with errors, because that communicates the applicant doesn't show attention to detail. Additionally, they don't want to have to sort through irrelevant information, like unrelated volunteer experience or work history that dates back more than 15 years and isn't related to the current role.

Taking the time to evaluate your resume for these weak spots may shed light on why you haven't obtained any interviews. Revision Resume can help by providing you a resume critique.

Did You Submit Additional Documentation?

Cover letters

Did you submit a cover letter with your resume? Was it one page and easy to skim? Did it address any potential red flags that might be found on your resume (such as a job gap or relocation)? Revision Resume suggests submitting a cover letter as an additional way to elevate yourself as a candidate. It can also be a great opportunity to overcome potential red flags before they are noticed on your resume. For additional information about cover letters, click here.

Is Your Online Presence Acceptable?

The majority of hiring managers indicate they look at potential candidates online, so your social media presence may be impacting your ability to obtain an interview. Be sure you check your social media before you submit job applications. Does it show a professional and accurate representation of you? Check your LinkedIn profile and verify that all of the information compliments your resume and there aren't any conflicts. For examples, the dates of your work experience should match the dates listed on your resume. If they don't, you may be causing the hiring manager to see a red flag and not pursue you as a candidate.

Getting Interviews but not Receiving Offers

Our second scenario is for those who are getting called in for interviews. If that is the case, your resume and cover letter are likely spot on. You are being identified out of 100s of candidates as someone that is a good match for the opening, so your career documentation has done it's job. Yet, if you are still not getting offers, you are likely frustrated and wondering what you need to be doing. Let's examine a couple of possibilities.

How Are the Interviews Going?

Job interview

How do you feel the interviews are going? Have you received any feedback during or after the interview to make you feel confident that the way you are answering the questions is being well received? Immediately after the interview, take a few moments to self-reflect: what do you think went well and what do you think you could have done better? Spend some time thinking through the interviews you have had and evaluate your performance. Even if things went well, you can likely identify ways in which you could improve in the future.

What About Your Post-Interview Follow Up?

Reflect on how you have handled the post-interview follow up. Did you repeatedly contact the hiring manager looking for updates, or did you follow the plan discussed during the interview for when it would be acceptable to reach out? When you made contact, were you polite and respectful of the hiring manager's time? Recruiters and hiring managers tell us that poor follow up can reflect negatively on a candidate, even if they have done well in the interview.

Is it a Salary Issue?


In some cases you may be a perfect candidate for the role, but your salary expectations are not aligned with what the company has to offer. They may pursue a candidate with lower salary demands, since they think that person will be more likely to accept the offer. Seek jobs that will offer the salary range you desire. Recognize that if you ask too much, you may be rejected. You have to decide: would you be willing to accept a lower salary in order to obtain the position?

Ask for Feedback from the Hiring Team!

Although it can feel a little uncomfortable, it is worthwhile to ask the hiring team for feedback once they have contacted you to let you know they are not proceeding with you as a candidate. They may be limited in what they can say, but any information they are able to provide may be helpful as you move forward.

There are numerous reasons you may not be receiving offers, even though you are actively applying. If you need help ensuring your resume and cover letter demonstrate your capabilities and show alignment to the job opening, Revision Resume assists clients in the greater Rochester NY region and beyond. To learn more about our services, click here.

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