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Five Common Interview Errors

Interview with a candidate and a hiring manager

Often people leave the interview feeling they have done very well only to find out that they didn't land the job. Hiring managers have let us know that some interviewees make the following mistakes that take them out of the running for the position:

Caught in a Lie

It is imperative that you do not lie at all during your interview. Lying is a way to be immediately rejected. Some people think a little white lie or exaggeration will not be an issue. However, it is easy to check if someone is being truthful these days. A simple online search or call to a reference can quickly uncover dishonesty. Even if it was a small detail, it may bring in to question your integrity. If you are willing to lie, even just a little bit, how does the hiring manager know you aren't also willing to engage in a significant lie.

Not only do you need to honestly answer questions, you should also make sure you can support all of the details you have included in your resume. First, be sure your resume is an accurate representation of your skills and experiences. Secondly, make sure you review your resume prior to an interview so you can support everything you have listed.


Hiring managers indicate that an interviewee can come across as unprofessional in a variety of different ways. Some examples include:

  • How you are dressed.

  • If you are late.

  • Your background for an interview held virtually. Verify it is professional in appearance before you log in.

  • The way you talk. Avoid using slang.

  • Being distracted by your cell phone during the interview. Leave it "off and away."

  • Eating, drinking or chewing gum during an interview is undesirable.

  • The way you answer questions. Answer each question thoughtfully and remember you aren't chatting casually with friends.

Appearing professional throughout the entire interview is necessary in order to be considered for the position.

Negative Talk

If you are frustrated with your previous job, it can be easy to start talking negatively about the old boss or co-workers. However, you really should refrain. Negative talk during an interview actually makes you look poorly, instead of reflecting poorly on the people at your old place of employment. Keep in mind the age old advice: "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."


Person researching prior to an interview

When you are asked if you have any questions, you should be able to provide the interviewer with questions of your own. Not having any questions indicates you didn't prepare for the interview. You should research the company and the position in advance so you are able to ask questions. This shows you are interested in the role and invested in the interview. The hiring manager doesn't want to waste their time on someone who might not be engaged enough in the process to accept a job offer.

Taking Over the Interview

Sometimes an interviewee takes over the interview. They talk too much or lose focus and go off on a tangent instead of answering the question being asked. You should practice your interview skills in advance. Practice how you would answer common interview questions clearly and concisely. Make sure you stay on topic and don't give too elaborate of an answer. By practicing in advance, you will be likely to properly answer the questions at the actual interview.

Avoiding making the above mistakes during your interview will increase the likelihood that you receive the job offer! For additional job interview tips check out these blogs. Revision Resume is a Rochester area company that specializes in helping job seekers with their career documentation such as resumes and cover letters. We are here to help applicants in Monroe County and beyond!

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