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Considering a Job Change? Post-Pandemic Resignations Predicted

According to a recent survey, over half of U.S. workers are considering a job change in 2021. In fact, predictions of a large boom in resignations are being made now that we are entering the post-pandemic period.

Some workers may have been unhappy prior to the pandemic, but felt that it was not a good time to switch jobs due to the uncertainty. So, now that jobs are looking more stable, they are taking advantage of the opportunity to make the switch.

Other workers have found that they enjoyed working from home and don't want to be forced back to the office, leading them to consider alternative options.

Commute to work

Those with a long commute prior to the pandemic may have realized the time they spent in the car can now be devoted to family, and may look for a job closer to home.

What does this all mean for job seekers? Here are some tips from Revision Resume to those considering a job switch in 2021.

1) Consider Services from Revision Resume.

Competition for open positions will likely be higher in 2021 than before, due to such a significant percentage of workers looking for a new job.

Before the pandemic, Glassdoor estimated that on average 250 people applied for each job opening and only 4 to 6 of them were called for an interview. To be one of the few selected, it is important to make sure your resume and cover letter stand out compared to other job-seekers.

Hiring a professional service, such as Revision Resume, will increase the likelihood of you achieving your career aspirations. Revision Resume writers understand the current resume guidelines and know how to optimize resumes so they get past the Applicant Tracking System and are impressive to hiring managers.

A quality resume is an investment in your career. Let Revision Resume create you a polished, clear, concise resume that demonstrates your skills and work experience so that you have the best chance of landing an interview.

2) Exit Gracefully.

Person shaking hands with former boss

It may be tempting to submit your resignation via email or text, but that isn't professional. When you are certain you want to resign from your current position, meet with your boss in person or via Zoom to let them know.

Provide specific, honest reasons that will be viewed favorably. In other words, now is not the time to tell your boss all of the things you disliked about the position.

If you are leaving because you want a job that is closer to home or one that allows you to work from home, mention that specifically. Try to keep the conversation positive so that you can maintain a future relationship with your soon-to-be former boss.

3). Evaluate Your Options.

It can be tempting to take the first job you see, but take the time to consider your options. Now is the perfect time for a career change if that is something you had been dreaming of. Whether you will continue with the same type of job or a change in career, it is worth taking some time to explore what is out there and make sure it is a good fit for you.

Evaluate details such as benefits and vacation times if those are important for you and your family. Taking time now to really think through what you want and what is being offered is worthwhile so you don't have regrets in 2022.

More than half of U.S. workers are considering a job change in 2021. If you are one of them, make sure you have a smooth job transition by taking the above tips into consideration.

Revision Resume would be happy to assist you with every step of the process. Located in Rochester but assisting job seekers anywhere, Revision Resume can help you land your dream job.

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