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Have you Heard of AQ? In Post-Pandemic Hiring, AQ may be More Important than IQ!

Everyone has heard of Intelligence Quotient (IQ), but many have not heard of EQ or AQ. EQ refers to "Emotional Intelligence," and can reflect your interpersonal and communication skills. AQ is the "Adaptability Quotient" or "Adversity Quotient." It reflects your ability to adjust to change.

Historically, IQ was the only way to evaluate a person's potential for achievement. More recently, companies have realized that EQ is also key for a successful career. If you can't collaborate and communicate with your colleagues and customers, you won't be able to realize the company goals.

Professors and high level business managers now indicate that AQ may be more valuable than IQ and EQ.

Why? According to an IBM study, millions of workers will need to be reskilled as automation changes their jobs in the coming years.

You may think automation will

only affect manufacturing jobs, but it is actually expected to alter the roles of doctors, lawyers and bankers too. In fact, predictions indicate almost every profession will be impacted. This will require adaptability and flexibility on the part of all workers.

Employers are now realizing that a candidate needs to exhibit all three "intelligences:" IQ, EQ and AQ.

  • IQ will allow them to successfully learn the qualifications needed to obtain the job.

  • EQ is necessary so workers can effectively communicate with team members and customers.

  • AQ will be required so the employee is able to pivot when the job function changes.

How do you know your AQ?

AQ can't be measured by a test like IQ. Yet, it is still important for companies to figure out how job candidates adapt before they are hired. Recruiters report that they are evaluating candidates for AQ through their interviewing process. Asking 'what if' questions is one way to evaluate how a person can adapt to changing scenarios.

How can you increase your AQ?

Forbes suggests that you need to keep an open mind, try to see things through the eyes of others and set your ego aside. Stay curious and willing to learn and even un-learn as you move forward. It can be challenging to adjust to change, but you must in order to stay relevant in the job.

Revision Resume is here to help you with your career. In addition to creating resumes for candidates seeking jobs at a new company, we are also happy to help those looking to switch jobs within a company. When you look to the future, do you see your job becoming automated? As yourself 'what if' questions to think through your future. You may find it is worthwhile to update your resume and start seeking a new role within the business or elsewhere. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you!

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