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Dealing with Career Gaps

Many people are finding that their career had to be pushed aside in the past year due to the pandemic. People were laid off from positions they had held for years or even decades. Others had to step away to take care of kids that were no longer attending school in-person.

The US Census Bureau indicates that 10 million US mothers were not actively working in January of 2021. Forty-five percent of mother's of school-aged children were not working in April of 2020. Some of those mothers may have been staying at home and caring for children prior to the pandemic while others were newly unemployed. In either case, when they look to re-enter the workforce they will have a career gap to contend with.

Mom working from home and helping child with school work

The Harvard Business Review has some suggestions for those facing a "career detour" that are worth exploring. In addition, Revision Resume has advice for those with a gap between jobs.

Seek Ways to Continue Learning.

Some examples include researching new technology, reading books that allow you to continue to develop in your field, and finding an educational podcast related to your career. Always strive to keep learning and developing yourself.

Find Relevant Volunteer Opportunities.

If you are currently out of work, look for volunteer opportunities that align with your career so you can highlight them on your resume and minimize the appearance of a job gap. Consider becoming the treasurer of your child's baseball team or the president of the PTA. Does the soccer team need a manager? Volunteer opportunities are usually plentiful. Find one that corresponds with your career so you can include it on your resume and when answering interview questions regarding how you have spent the time you weren't employed.

Consider a Career Transformation.

A gap in employment is the perfect time to consider a career change. Do you really want to continue on the same career path? Or have you been desiring a change? Take advantage of this opportunity to reconsider your path and determine where you really want to go.

If you are facing a career gap, realize that millions of other Americans are in the same situation. Taking the above advice will help you when you are ready and able to re-enter the job market. Contact us at Revision Resume to assist you in creating your resume and cover letter to showcase your skills and minimize any gap in your career.

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