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Give Yourself the Gift of a New Resume

Do you have numerous people to purchase gifts for this holiday season? Many Americans find themselves with a long list of items to buy, and it can be overwhelming to come up with unique ideas for what each gift recipient desires.

What is on your wish list? When a loved one asks what you'd like, make their holiday shopping a little easier: purchasing a new resume for you from Revision Resume could be the perfect solution!

Long-Term Benefits

A resume? For a gift?? It may seem unorthodox, but think about it. Unfortunately, many gifts given and received aren't long-lasting. Toys purchased for children may be collecting dust before spring. Presents from distant relatives are often too generic and re-gifted. Yet, a new resume is something truly unique that can provide long-term benefits.


A resume might result in receiving a raise or promotion if used to show your personal value at your year-end review. Or, it could open the doorway to a completely new position. Investing in a resume is investing in your own future. A promotion, raise or new position can provide you immeasurable long-term benefits.


“Opportunity does not waste time with those who are unprepared.”

― Idowu Koyenikan, Wealth for All: Living a Life of Success at the Edge of Your Ability

You may not think you will need a resume in the near future because you don't currently have any plans of switching jobs. However, you may be approached by someone requesting your resume for the job of your dreams. Or, you may find yourself unexpectedly unemployed. Be prepared by having your resume ready so you can immediately pass it along. Often, clients approach us in need of a resume immediately. Yet it takes time for a resume to be created, whether you do it yourself or hire a professional. Being able to respond immediately to a request for your resume or to a job posting gives you the edge over your competition and helps you to act when opportunity comes knocking!

Avoid Overlooking Key Details

Often, people wait years to update their resume, but by then they have long forgotten key successes and achievements. If you update your resume annually, you will be able to remember the actions and results you obtained over the past year. It will then be easier to incorporate those details on your resume. By including the successes from the past year, your resume will show a picture of your career path, which will ultimately result in a more solid resume when you do go to apply for a new job in the future.

Revision Resume would be happy to assist you in giving yourself--or someone on your list--the gift of an updated resume this holiday season! Whether you use the resume in 2022 to seek a new job or lobby for a promotion or raise, you will be glad you made the investment!

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What’s Next?  With the Right Resume, the Sky’s the Limit!

The challenge for most job applicants is crafting the right resume. 

Revision Resume is here to help offering the following writing services:

Resume critiques are also offered to those who have already created their own resume but would like a second set of eyes to check for errors and to ensure the document is up to modern standards!

With up-to-the-minute knowledge of the hiring industry, Revision Resume can make sure you are submitting the right resume!

In addition to our blog that is packed with useful information and tips, Revision Resume also offers a monthly newsletter and group educational programs. 

Finally, for the "do-it-yourselfer," we offer a checklist package that helps you ensure you haven't missed any vital details. 


To learn more, contact us.

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