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How Should You Maintain Your Mental Health During a Job Search?

If you are looking for a job, you may have found the process overwhelming and stressful. You may be out of work and in desperate need of a new position and an income. Or, you may be in a toxic work environment that you need to get out of ASAP. On top of that, you now are facing the stress of figuring how to create a resume, applying to job postings, attending interviews and potentially facing demoralizing rejection. It is hard to keep a positive mindset when facing all of these challenges simultaneously. Let's look at a few techniques you could consider using to help maintain your mental health during this difficult time.

Take Your Job Search One Step at a Time

Thinking about the full job search process can be extremely overwhelming. You may realize you need to write a cover letter, create a resume, update a LinkedIn profile, clean up your social media, engage in networking, and practice your interview skills. Attempting to do all of these things at once will just make you exhausted. And, you may find you don't do any of them well if you are trying to tackle them simultaneously. Instead, take it one step at a time. Our free blog "Job-Seeker To-Do List" can help you identify the individual steps in the process and work through them one at a time. In addition, our checklist package is a helpful way to ensure you complete all of the required steps without overlooking any important detail.

Schedule Downtime

If you are employed full time and looking for a job simultaneously, you may find yourself working an excessive amount of hours each week. You need to schedule some downtime, as it isn't healthy to go without an occasional break. Commit to doing something relaxing (read a book, listen to music, take a walk, etc.) every few days. You may not have numerous hours to engage in a relaxing activity, but carve out at least some time. It is possible you will find you are more productive after your "time off."

Collaborate with Someone Else Seeking a Job

Just as having an accountability partner can be helpful to keep you on track for your exercise routine, it can also be helpful when you are searching for a new role. If you happen to have a friend or relative that is also seeking a job, you can support each other to continue the quest. You can also commiserate together on the difficult days when you find you didn't get the role you were interviewing for or are ghosted after submitting your resume.

Ask for Help

Often, people want to find a new job, but they just don't have time to commit to the process. For example, we have clients that spent months planning to write their resume, but never actually schedule the time to do it. They reach out to us after they realize at the rate they are going, it will be years before they are ready to start on their job search. Instead of waiting until you reach that point, ask for help now so you can take some of the "to do" list off your plate. Revision Resume assists clients by providing resume creations, resume critiques, cover letter creations, LinkedIn guidance and more. Reach out to learn more about how we can help you!

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