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Introducing Our "At-a-Glance" Resume Critique Service

Revision Resume is excited to announce a new service option for clients! Based on feedback we have received, we have decided to add a new "At-a-Glance" resume critique option.

What is an "At-a-Glance" Resume Critique?

An “At-a-Glance” resume critique involves a resume writer evaluating your resume and then conducting a 15-minute video call to share suggestions for ways you could make updates to improve the document.

How Does an “At-a-Glance" Resume Critique Work?

It's easy! Here are the steps:

  1. Go to: where you will be prompted to book a video session with one of our resume writers and provide payment.

  2. Email your current resume to If you have any job postings you are interested in applying for, email those as well (although this is not required).

  3. Our resume writers will review your resume in advance of the video session.

  4. At the scheduled time, one of our writers will meet with you for 15 minutes, where we will summarize the suggestions we have for ways you could improve your resume. You can take notes and then update your resume on your own schedule.

Who is a Good Candidate for an "At-a-Glance" Resume Critique?

A good candidate for this service is someone that has an up-to-date resume. This means the resume they have on file captures their most recent career successes. It includes the current role they hold, along with any recent training classes, skills, and accomplishments.

Although up-to-date, this resume likely will still benefit from evaluation for formatting, grammar, spelling, and evaluation compared to current industry standards. Therefore, having a professional resume writer take a look and provide feedback will be worthwhile.

An "At-a-Glance" resume critique is an easy way to get your resume in top form with a low investment of your time and money.

What is the cost of an "At-a-Glance" Resume Critique?

At At-a-Glance Resume critique costs $45. Payment is accepted online when you book this service.

What About the Resume Critique Revision Resume Previously Offered? Is That Still an Option?

Yes, Revision Resume still offers the original resume critique, which we are now calling a "Thorough" Resume Critique. Many clients still prefer this service and we see it as a different level option so we will continue to offer it.

What is the Difference between an "At-a-Glance" Resume Critique and a "Thorough" Resume Critique?

A "Thorough" resume critique provides feedback in a written format. Comments are embedded directly within the resume, so clients can clearly see what our recommendations are, and exactly where we suggest these changes should be made. These comments are saved within the document, which allows for easy referencing and editing.

For an "At-a-Glance" resume critique, clients will need to take notes during our video conversation and then update your resume offline.

What if After the Resume Critique I Decide I Want a Full Resume Creation?

You may decide you don’t want to make the updates yourself. Or you may realize, through the critique, that your resume needs more work than you anticipated. If you would prefer we create you a brand-new resume that incorporates our critique, no problem! Simply reach out to us via email or our website form to let us know, and we'll inform you of the next steps.

How do I Get Started?

To get started, go to, where you will be prompted to book a video session. You will also be asked to send us an email of your resume so we can review it prior to the session. Any questions? Feel free to email us at

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What’s Next?  With the Right Resume, the Sky’s the Limit!

The challenge for most job applicants is crafting the right resume. 

Revision Resume is here to help offering the following writing services:

Resume critiques are also offered to those who have already created their own resume but would like a second set of eyes to check for errors and to ensure the document is up to modern standards!

With up-to-the-minute knowledge of the hiring industry, Revision Resume can make sure you are submitting the right resume!

In addition to our blog that is packed with useful information and tips, Revision Resume also offers a monthly newsletter and group educational programs. 

Finally, for the "do-it-yourselfer," we offer a checklist package that helps you ensure you haven't missed any vital details. 


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