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Did Jack Dorsey Announce His Resignation Via Twitter? Should You?

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In late November, Jack Dorsey announced he was resigning as chief officer of Twitter. The media immediately picked up the story, indicating that Jack Dorsey had announced his resignation via Twitter. The difference is subtle, but important. Yes, he did tell the world through a Tweet, but the truth is that his resignation had been communicated to the company prior to the Tweet being published. The board of directors and other key figures at Twitter were not notified of this resignation via Tweet. In addition, according to Forbes, he emailed his team and then posted that same letter to Twitter later.

How should you handle announcing your resignation? While it may seem spectacular to make the announcement via social media, it is best to go through the proper channels so that you leave on good terms.

Should You Write a Resignation Letter?

Yes, writing a resignation letter is recommended. A formal letter will give you the opportunity to express that you are grateful for the role you held, as well as allowing you to provide details, such as the specific date of your last day of employment. Keep the letter professional and avoid including any negative information (such as reasons you have chosen to depart).

Who Should You Notify First About Your Resignation?

Your immediate manager should be the first person you tell about your resignation. You do not want to share the news with a co-worker or friend resulting in your boss finding out through the rumor mill. Instead, exit gracefully by notifying the right people in the right order.

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We recommend that instead of emailing your resignation letter to your boss, you should schedule a meeting and hand it to your manager in person. They may ask questions about why you are choosing to leave. Keep your answers short and try to remain positive while still being honest.

After your immediate manager has been notified, you can share the news with the rest of your department. Often, resigning employees craft a well-worded email expressing when they will be departing, indicating their gratefulness for the team they worked with, and including contact information so co-workers can keep in touch in the future.

Is it Necessary to Give Two Weeks Notice When You Resign?

It is ideal to give two weeks notice when you resign. In some jobs, an even longer notice is expected. The goal is to give your employer time to transition your roles and responsibilities to a different employee. Again, you are trying to exit without causing a rift. Providing the appropriate amount of time -- which will allow your responsibilities to be properly handed-off -- is a courtesy, and another way you can make sure you leave on good terms. Note that Jake Dorsey announced he will stay on board for the next few months to "help with the transition."

How Should You Handle the Exit Interview?

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Exit interviews are a common part of the resignation process. You may be asked to sit for an exit interview with your manager or with someone from the Human Resources department. In either case, you want to answer questions honestly but try to focus on the positive aspects of your job as opposed to harping on the negatives.

Yes, exit interviews are an opportunity for the company to learn why you may have selected to go somewhere different instead of staying in your current job. However, you may find that in the future you want to return to this company in a different role, or you may want to work with a previous co-worker that has transitioned to a new job. Therefore, it is best to avoid burning bridges. Being honest, yet focusing on the positives, will help you balance this potentially difficult discussion.

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