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Why are Keywords so Important?

If you are researching how to write a resume, you have probably come across articles mentioning the importance of incorporating keywords. Why are keywords so important? Can't you just list your job qualifications and be done? Do you really need a new resume for each job posting? Let's examine the importance of keywords in detail.

Keywords are used by the ATS to sort resumes.

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) determines which resumes get highly rated based on keywords. The ATS compares the keywords listed in the job posting to the words incorporated in your resume. If there are numerous matches, your resume will be ranked highly. If not, your resume will be lower on the list compared to other job applicants. Although a recruiter may choose to look at all resumes, regardless of ranking, it is difficult to know if the lower ranking impacts their evaluation of your resume. Therefore, keywords are critically important for proceeding from submitting a resume to being awarded an interview.

This means you will need to create a unique resume for each job you apply to. If you only have one resume and you submit it to multiple jobs, it is unlikely your resume will score well on the ATS evaluation.

Hiring Managers only spend about 6 seconds on each resume.

Hiring manager reviewing a resume

Studies have shown that the average hiring manager or recruiter only looks at each resume for 6 seconds. That doesn't allow much time to read the details. Therefore, you can assume they are scanning for particular words in order to determine if they want to take a closer look and spend more time on your resume. They quickly look for relevant skills that they have listed in the job opening to see if you might be a good match. Then they move on to the next resume. You need to give a good impression very quickly to be placed on the pile that will be looked at in more detail later.

Including keywords in your resume will help you get past the ATS and into the 'keep' pile of the hiring manager. It is wise to make sure any keywords that seem to be a priority in the job posting are incorporated at the very beginning of your resume. Revision Resume aims to include them in the job title and/or executive summary so they are seen immediately.

Believe it or not, keywords help with writing the resume.

While many people think that incorporating keywords is hard work, Revision Resume believes keywords actually help with writing the resume. Often when people write their own resume they try to include every single detail of their life and work experience. This can make for a resume that is confusing and unfocused. By looking at the keywords listed in the job posting, it is possible to figure out what the company is actually looking for and focus the resume on that. The result is a clear, concise resume that the hiring manager can easily review.

Revision Resume knows how to incorporate keywords to get past the ATS, impress the hiring manager and create a high quality document! To learn more about our resume writing services in Rochester, NY and beyond, contact us!

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