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Writing a Resume is More Like a Marathon, Not a Sprint

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The Olympics has us thinking about (and cheering on) a variety of sports that we don't typically get to see on TV. Swimming, diving, gymnastics, table tennis and more are all fun to watch.

At Revision Resume, we've been watching the track and field events this week. It's occurred to us that these athletic events have a lot in common with resume's definitely more a marathon than a sprint!

Resume Writing Can't be Completed Quickly

As much as we want to just crank out a resume quickly, it is not possible to do so well. This is often what frustrates our clients that have attempted to create their resume on their own first. They anticipate it will be something they can sit down and finish in an hour or so. Instead, after an hour of hard work they realize they still have a lot of work ahead of them.

Why is resume writing so time consuming?

  • It is often difficult for most people to write about themselves.

  • If writing isn't your strength, it can be hard to come up with the correct wording.

  • Editing and formatting are often more formidable than anticipated due to the specific resume guidelines and criteria you are trying to meet.

  • It is challenging to figure out what to include and what to leave out.

  • You have to spend time learning what current resume rules exist and understanding how the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) may impact your resume submission.

If You Don't Have the Training, It is Hard to Complete

People generally don't go from sitting on their couch to running a marathon. They train for weeks and even months to achieve the necessary skills so they can successfully complete the 26.2 mile race. Olympic-level racers train for years!

It is difficult to sit down and write a resume without training as well. A novice resume writer will not know what information should be included or where to put it. They won't know what formatting is preferred. Should it be worded in 1st person or 3rd person? How many years worth of job history should be included? All of these questions, and more, are unknown without the proper training.

Writing Your Resume Feels Like it is Never Ending

A marathon is a long race and when you are half way through it, you may feel like it will never end! Resume writing is similar in that when you do complete your first version of your resume, you still need to spend a significant amount of time proofreading and editing. Once you have a finalized version that you are ready to submit for one job posting, you will still need to make additional updates prior to submitting for a second opening. Each job requires a different resume so you can demonstrate how your unique skills pertain to that specific position. Customization is required for each job opportunity, and therefore, your resume never is completely "done."

Consider Hiring a "Trainer" (aka a Professional Resume Writer)

The Olympians we watch on TV all have trainers that help them prepare for their race. Consider hiring yourself a resume "trainer" instead of tackling the task on your own. Revision Resume provides both resume writing and resume critiquing services. We recognize that writing a resume is a marathon. We have trained (and continue to train) so that we are up to date on current resume standards. We can assist you so that you cross the finish line and obtain the job you have been dreaming of!

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