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2022 Job Trends: What Job-Seekers Should Know

Looking for a job in 2022? You are joining millions of other workers that have decided they want a change in employment. As we start 2022, let's examine the trends and see what job-seekers need to know as they embark on their quest to obtain a new role.

The "Great Resignation" is Ongoing

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The "Great Resignation", which started during the COVID-19 pandemic, continues into 2022. In fact, Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business predicts that labor shortages will continue for the foreseeable future.

Is this good news for job-seekers?

We believe it is! Higher salary offers are likely necessary in order to attract talent. It may also lead to other benefits being offered that employees desire, such as flexibility in how they work. Hybrid or remote work schedules may be easier to negotiate at this time.

Employers are recognizing that people are looking at more than just their job responsibilities when evaluating an offer. Job seekers often request a better work/life balance and mental health benefits. They want a culture and community, as well as a career. In an effort to entice candidates to apply for an opening and eventually accept an offer, companies may be boosting those aspects of the job as well.

Is this good news for those that aren't looking to switch jobs?

Yes, we believe the continuation of the "Great Resignation" into 2022 is also good news for employees who want to stay where they are! Companies are likely to realize that they will have trouble finding new workers should existing employees resign. Therefore, they may be more apt to make an effort to retain those they have. Retention efforts may include raises, bonuses, personal growth opportunities, and company culture improvements.

What if You Want to Switch Careers at this Time?

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Some job-seekers are considering making a career switch instead of just finding a new employer for the same role. Since companies are having difficulty locating candidates with the right background, they may be more open to hiring someone that has potential, but not relevant experience. They may be more willing to provide the training necessary to get the employee up to speed. This is good news for those looking to make a transition to a new career.

Josh Jones, from Jobvite, indicates 48% of recruiters are trying to improve the quality of a newly hired employee by focusing on soft skills. Jones states, “The big one is looking for adaptability in candidates, but as organizations, we need to be adaptable as well. What I mean by that is maybe with the talent shortage out there, we need to look at candidates with transferable skills. Maybe look for people we typically wouldn’t have hired for specific roles because they don’t have that exact experience.”

As a candidate, you need to make sure your resume demonstrates the transferable skills you have. It should highlight your soft skills, such as time management and customer service. Unsure how to incorporate these on your resume? Check out our blog, titled "Key Soft Skills Employers are Looking For and How to Demonstrate You Have Them."

What Else Should Job-Seekers Consider?

Revision Resume always advises candidates to slow down and really evaluate the options in front of them. This means you should make sure the jobs you are applying for will be a good fit for you now and in the long term. Consider the potential for growth opportunities and company culture. You don't want to make a switch only to find out within a year that this isn't what you really wanted.

In addition, take a look at the full package. Often, people are enticed by the salary or signing bonus, but it is important to evaluate the health insurance, vacation time and other benefits offered. This will ensure the company is providing what you need and desire. Take the time to investigate the details of the offer and make sure they are aligned with you requests. Don't be afraid to negotiate if they don't quite meet what you think you need.

Final Thoughts

While the advantage is currently to the job-seekers, it is still necessary to submit a quality resume and cover letter in order to to get called in for an interview and ultimately receive a job offer. Keep in mind that due to the "Great Resignation," millions of people are currently applying for job openings. This means each job is receiving hundreds of applicants. To stand out compared to the rest, polished, error-free career documentation is required. Revision Resume is here to help. Contact us to learn more!

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