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5 Resume Revision Tips for 2021

Revision Resume regularly seeks guidance from hiring managers and recruiters to learn what they are looking for when reviewing resumes. As you can imagine, this changes over time. So, what was customary in 2011 isn't what is expected in 2021. Below we have compiled five 2021 resume revision tips based on feedback from multiple professionals that spend their day evaluating resumes.

Customize the Resume to the Job Posting

Hiring managers want you to show how you meet the requirements of this particular job. They don't want to have to weed through irrelevant information to determine if you are a qualified candidate and will be successful in your new role. Therefore, it is worthwhile to take the time the tailor your resume to the specific job posting you are applying to. Use your resume to demonstrate how your previous experience and education align you with the position you are seeking.

Keep it Simple

A simple, black and white resume is best. Skip the graphics and photos. These are not desired by the hiring manager and may cause an issue with the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) when it brings your resume in. In addition, choose a consistent font throughout that is not "fancy." Calibri and Arial are good choices.

Include a Skills Summary but Skip Hobbies

Including relevant skills in a bulleted list is recommended. Does the job posting indicate expertise with excel pivot tables, fluency speaking Spanish, and having a PC Security certificate are job requirements? Be sure to include those items in your skills summary so they are easy to spot on your resume.

Many resumes have a bulleted list of hobbies instead of a list of skills. Although it is fun that you enjoy mountain biking and downhill skiing, it really isn't necessary for the hiring manager to know at this point. Feel free to bring it up during the interview but leave this irrelevant information off of your resume.

Stick with 1-2 Pages for Resume Length

We routinely hear from recruiters and hiring managers that they are looking for the resumes to be 1 or 2 pages long. If there is a lot of background information or a significant relevant work history, 3 is also acceptable. Hiring managers have told us that they occasionally receive resumes that are 6+ pages long and they honestly find that length to be unnecessary. In fact, it can be a reason to discard a resume. Remember, your resume doesn't need to be a complete and thorough history. You will have a chance to explain the details in the job interview. So, try to condense your resume to 2 pages of highlights.

Make it Readable

Formatting your resume to make it readable is helpful for a recruiter that has to sort through 100+ resumes. Remember, often they are trying to fill multiple job postings at one time and could get over a hundred resumes submitted for each posting. You want it to be easy for the recruiter to identify your key skills and strengths when they skim your resume. Use bullets to help break up large sections of text. Including spacing between the bullets so it is easy on the eyes. Bolding the section titles is also helpful.

Want to ensure the resume you submit is up to 2021 standards? Contact us at Revision Resume. We have knowledge of current resume guidelines and craft each career document we create to exceed the expectations of the hiring manager.

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