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Do I Need to Create a New Resume for Each Job I Apply For?

Yes, Revision Resume suggests creating a unique resume for each job you plan to apply for. You can start with your base resume that has all of the general information in it such as the dates and positions of your work history and your educational background. But, for each job you should word the specific details appropriately so that the resume is optimized for the position you are applying to. You essentially need to update your resume to the specific job posting. Let's consider some reasons why.

1. Companies that use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) will run the resume through that system to determine if you are a match for the job posting. The ATS will compare the keywords in the job posting to the wording in your resume. Therefore it is important that you incorporate those keywords into the wording of your resume. If the job posting says "communicates effectively" you will want to include that exact wording in your resume instead of saying "great communicator." So, it will be necessary to make wording edits for each job posting.

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2. Some job applicants just try to cram all of their history into their resume so they can use that same document for a variety of different job postings. Any recruiter or human resources employee reading the resume will immediately spot this and consider it a lack of effort on your part. It is important to only emphasize the strengths and achievements that are pertinent to the job you are applying for. The recruiter doesn't have the time to weed through excessive details to find what is important to the job they are trying to fill. Select the right results to display on your resume. These will be different for different jobs and therefore unique resumes are required and rewriting is a must.

3. Customizing your resume will help you stand out compared to others applying for the same position. If the other applicants do not optimize for the ATS or decide to cram their entire history into their resume without selecting what is pertinent to the job, your resume by comparison will rise to the top. A little work to adjust and revise your resume for the specific position may be the difference between getting called in for an interview or having your resume discarded.

Not sure how to create a custom resume for a specific job posting? Uncertain of how to incorporate keywords to appease the ATS? Revision Resume would be happy to help. We are located in Rochester, NY and proudly provide Resume, Cover Letter and Value Proposition Letter services to clients in the Rochester area and beyond!

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