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Feedback from Human Resources: Best Practices to Stand Out as a Job Candidate

Revision Resume frequently seeks feedback from recruiters and human resources. Our goal is to be up to date on the latest resume standards. Hearing from those that review resumes helps us ensure that we are providing our clients with resumes that follow current guidelines and meet requirements. This helps our clients obtain interviews, which is always our ultimate goal.

Recent conversations we've had with human resources hiring managers have emphasized many of the resume guidelines and interview preferences we were already aware of. However, it is worthwhile to reiterate them here so that anyone crafting their resume will know what is expected.

"Great Resignation" Means Hiring Managers are Inundated with Submissions

Prior to the pandemic, studies indicated that hiring managers received 250 resumes for each job opening. The "Great Resignation" has only intensified the trend, and more people are seeking new positions than ever before. It follows that hiring managers are receiving more resumes per job posting than usual. In addition, with so many people resigning their current positions, hiring managers often have more openings than they typically would. So, they are juggling more job postings than normal AND receiving additional resumes per job posting.

What does this mean? You, as the job-seeker, must take all steps possible to ensure your resume doesn't end up on the discard pile. Here are some suggestions from our connections in human resources:

Don't Overlook the ATS

Hiring managers for each company may use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) in different ways. Some may use it to categorize candidates, while others may use it to eliminate or screen out candidates. Since you don't know how it is being used for the job you are applying to, assume that it is being applied in the strictest context. That is, assume it could potentially eliminate you from the running before the hiring manager has even seen your resume. For tips on how to make sure your resume is ATS friendly, read our blog "What is this Applicant Tracking System I Keep Hearing About?"

Make Your Resume Easy to Skim

Use bullets, indentations, and bolding to make your resume simple to read and easy to skim. We've often cited the statistic--before the Great Resignation--that hiring managers take only 6 seconds to evaluate a resume; it may be even less in today's job market. If your resume is not simple to read, it may immediately be discarded. Structure your formatting so your skills and accomplishments can be easily found. In fact, you want them to practically jump off the page.

Submit a New Resume for Each Position

It's probably not what you want to hear, but your resume needs to be optimized for each job you are applying to. Don't create a generic resume and submit it multiple times. Be sure to demonstrate, with your resume, that you are the right candidate for this specific job. Incorporate keywords from the posting and make sure all information included on your resume is relevant to the position. The hiring manager doesn't have time to search through generic information on your resume to figure out if you are capable of filling their need.

Soft Skills are Key

Hiring managers are seeking candidates with soft skills. Do you have good interpersonal skills? Are you able to work collaboratively? Can you present information to your peers clearly? You will want to show your soft skills on your resume, in addition to emphasizing that you have the right degree and work experience. To learn more about incorporating soft skills on your resume, read our blog "Key Soft Skills Employers are Looking For and How to Demonstrate You Have Them."

Virtual Interviews are Still Happening

Virtual interviews are still common at this time and may remain so for the foreseeable future. We continue to hear that candidates need to consider proper virtual interview etiquette and that overlooking that etiquette may cost the job-seeker an offer. If your resume has earned you an interview, make sure that you don't lose your chance at obtaining the job for something simple, like having an unprofessional virtual interview background. Our blog "Virtual Interview? Tips for Success" highlights some of the issues that hiring managers have shared with us, and provides suggestions for how to avoid them.

Although none of these topics in our conversations with HR were surprising, it is always helpful to have a reminder of what is important. Taking the time to review these tips and implement them might be the difference between receiving a job offer and being rejected.

There's more to writing a resume than people think, and the best way to stand out compared to the competition is to have your resume professionally written. Revision Resume writers have extensive training and experience, and are always up to date with the most recent guidelines. You can submit your resume from Revision Resume with confidence, knowing it has been professionally crafted to highlight your unique qualifications.

Revision Resume creates career documentation to the latest industry standards, and is always focused on taking the steps necessary to earn clients the interview they desire. If you would like a resume created or critiqued for you, reach out. We would love to assist you as you seek the job of your dreams. With the right resume, the sky's the limit!

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