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First Actions You Should Take After You are Laid Off

Company downsized? Out of a job? At Revision Resume we recognize how challenging and upsetting this can be. Although it doesn't offer much reassurance, you are one of thousands of employees impacted by downsizing, so you are not alone. Here are some suggestions for the first steps you can take after being let go from your job.

Take the Time to Reflect

Don't feel obligated to get right back up and start looking for a new role. Allow yourself to feel sad and upset. Deal with the emotions you will naturally have. You are right to feel angry, disappointed and worried, so give yourself some space to deal with those emotions.

Try to keep in mind that layoffs are generally not personal. Human resource employees have told us that most of the time layoff decisions are based on the position, not the employee. The company is looking to reduce costs, so they evaluate each role to see what value that job adds. Does it generate revenue for the company? If not, it is an option for downsizing. Losing your job feels personal, but try to look at the big picture and realize that it likely isn't a reflection on you as an employee, but instead about the current financial picture for the business.

Once you are ready to look to the future, consider what kind of role you want. Just because you have been doing XYZ for the last 10 years, doesn't mean you have to continue in that type of job. Write down what you enjoyed about your previous role, as well as what you didn't like. Consider if this would be a good time to make a minor or major career change, in order to pursue your interests and passions.

Plan Out Your Days

Although it may be tempting to binge watch all of the shows you haven't previously had time to see, after allowing yourself a week or so to come to terms with the situation, try to make a daily plan. Consider the following things you could be doing each day in preparation for obtaining a new position:

  • Volunteer in a role that would be beneficial to your job search (utilizes similar skills, demonstrates soft skills, etc.)

  • Update your career documentation, such as your resume

  • Network with friends, family, and former co-workers

  • Reach out to recruiters or hiring managers at companies you are interested in pursuing

  • Review job openings to see what you find interesting

  • Update your LinkedIn profile and become active by posting on LinkedIn

You don't need to do all of these items every day. Maybe make Monday the day you spend reviewing job openings that are currently available and Tuesday your networking day. Or, plan to review job openings from 9-10am each day and network from 10-11am. You can figure out which schedule works best for you -- just try to avoid having day after day go by where you haven't tackled any job search activities.

Announce Your Job Search

At first it may feel awkward to announce that you have been let go from your job. However, keep in mind that many of your friends, family and co-workers will have experienced the same thing at some point in their career. And, they may be helpful to you as you try to locate a new job. So consider announcing that you are in the job market and would love to be informed of any openings that might be a good match for your skills and qualifications.

Once You Have Found Job Openings, Tweak Your Resume

Be sure to tweak your resume to align it with the specific job opening you decide to apply for. This will increase your chances of being called in for an interview. Closely read the job posting and think through how your skills and qualifications make you a good candidate for the role. Then, tweak your resume to include keywords from the posting to showcase that you have the requirements they desire. If you need help getting your resume ready, reach out to us at Revision Resume. We are happy to provide you with a resume critique or a resume creation, depending on what you need! To learn more, click here.

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