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How has the "Great Resignation" Affected Hiring in 2022?

There is no doubt the "Great Resignation" is having an impact on the hiring process. While job applicants still need to supply quality resumes and cover letters, the evaluation of these documents is more likely to involve hiring technology in 2022. In addition, the desperation businesses are facing as they try to fill openings is resulting in a faster higher process than in previous years. Let's examine the details.

Use of Technology in the Hiring Process

Recruiters, human resource departments, and hiring managers have all been impacted by the "Great Resignation" too. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) reports that many recruiter and hiring management positions remain unfilled, resulting in a greater workload for those still working in the field. Add in the increased number of applicants per job-opening as more and more employees seek new positions, and the result is overwhelmed human resources departments.

Man evaluating computer program results

How does HR handle the influx of job applications with less employees to review the documents? The solution is often to rely more heavily on hiring technology, such as the Applicant Tracking System (ATS). SHRM states that “recruiters are using automation and artificial intelligence software to source, screen, schedule and chat with candidates more so than the previous year.”

Jobvite, a company that provides recruiting software, issued a report that indicated 21% of recruiters are focused on updating recruiting tools and technology, which includes “software that can plug in specific requirements and pull from a talent pool.”

As the use of technology to screen applicants increases, it impacts how job-seekers should approach applying online. Recruiters and hiring managers gain efficiency by implementing technology solutions to help alleviate the issue of overwhelmed employees. Yet, job applicants need to be aware of how this technology impacts them.

The resume a job-seeker submits must potentially get past an ATS and then must also stand out compared to other candidates that have likewise passed the computer screen.

Therefore, the resume you submit needs to be simultaneously optimized for both computer and human evaluation. While it is critical to pass any AI screening process, the resume must also catch the eye of the human deciding who will be called for an interview! How does an applicant do this? The solution is to incorporate keywords from the job posting to elevate your resume when evaluated by the ATS. In addition, provide bullet points that demonstrate your specific successes and achievements. Include detailed numbers and action verbs to help your results jump off the page.

How Will the "Great Resignation" Impact the Speed of Hiring?

Since many businesses are in desperate need to fill openings, some recruitment firms predict that the hiring process is likely to speed up in 2022.

What does this mean for someone applying for a new job?

Revision Resume suggests you do your research before you submit a job application. Instead of applying to dozens of different positions, pick a few that you believe would be a good match. Don’t waste time on those that you wouldn’t want to actually accept an offer from. It will just waste your time and the time of the company.

Should you be engaged in the hiring process by more than one company simultaneously, it is OK to be transparent and let each company know that you are considering multiple offers.

Take your time to thoroughly review any job offers before deciding. Be sure to look beyond just salary or signing bonus. Investigate the benefits that are offered as well to make sure you are selecting a job that meets your needs.

Final Thoughts

Revision Resume is here to help you create a resume and cover letter that get past the ATS and impress the hiring manager. We can help you stand out among the competition with our personalized approach. Contact us to learn more.

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