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Is it Worthwhile to Hire a Professional Resume Writer?

Of course we believe that hiring a professional resume writer is worthwhile. We offer resume creation as one of our services!

However, don't just take our word for it. Let's examine a few different reputable publications that also suggest hiring a resume writer is advisable .

Reasons to Hire a Professional Resume Writer:

An Investment in Your Career provided an article titled "5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Resume Writer," where they conclude that hiring a professional can be a helpful investment in your career. They included the following reasons on their list:

  • You may not be a good writer, and therefore your resume isn't professionally showcasing your skills and qualifications.

  • Your resume style and formatting are outdated because you aren't aware of the latest industry expectations.

  • Your current resume isn't earning you interviews. This is a sign that your resume might be subpar.

  • You have a hard time speaking highly of yourself because it feels like bragging. A professional resume writer will likely do a better job of highlighting your capabilities and previous successes than you will.

  • You have red flags you need to overcome, such as a significant job gap or a major career change. A professional will know how to handle these potential issues.

Advantages of Hiring a Professional Resume Writer:

Writing Skills, Industry Knowledge, Goal Clarification and Reduced Stress concurred that resume writers are beneficial to job seekers in a 2021 article. They highlighted the following advantages that a professional resume writer provides:

  • As professionals in the field of writing, resume writers will provide proper spelling, grammar, and phrasing.

  • Resume writers keep up to date on industry standards and therefore can help make sure your resume is crafted to stand out to hiring managers.

  • As part of the resume writing process, a conversation with the client is held to determine their goals and aspirations. Often the job seeker finds their goals are clarified through this discussion, aiding them as they continue on their job search and through the interview process.

  • Reduces stress for the job seeker, who now has one less difficult task to undertake.

Price Point for a Professional Resume Service:

Recouped Many Times Over

LinkedIn provided an article in 2021 evaluating the cost of a professional resume writing service. They indicate that "you should consider the price of a professional resume an investment that could reap the rewards of a steady income, a raise and/or paid benefits" but also suggest that you need to be sure the resume service you hire is not charging an exorbitant amount. They suggest that pricing between $100-$700 (for a standard resume) is reasonable, depending on your level of work experience. LinkedIn points out the amount of hours a professional resume writer will put into:

  • Reviewing your current resume and the jobs you want to apply for

  • Discussing your career aspirations with you directly via phone or Zoom

  • Writing and formatting an original document specifically for you

  • Appropriately proofreading and editing

  • Completing any revisions you request

They indicate "the cost of a professional resume is an investment that will be recouped many times over from getting paid on your new job and the benefits that come along with it." And, they caution that a resume writer that is charging a very low rate may not provide a quality resume, as they may not put an adequate amount of time into the creation process. They estimate a resume writer will spend 4-8 hours working on your resume. Someone charging $50 for resume creation is likely not putting in this many hours because they can't make a living wage if they do.

It is important to also mention that you are paying for the expertise of the professional resume writer. A reputable one will have undergone training and participate in continuous learning opportunities so that they stay current in the industry.

All of these articles indicate that although you may be capable of writing a resume yourself, you are likely to have more success in your job search if you hire a professional. If you are considering seeking a resume writing service, reach out to us at Revision Resume. We have training and experience that will benefit you. Here are some customer testimonials to show our successes:

Customer Testimonials:

"Wow! You have made me sound amazing! This resume would definitely get me called in for an interview. You took my skeleton of a resume and made it much more professional, marketable, and visually appealing. Thank you!"

"Revision Resume is the best! They took the time to get to know me, and my achievements and turned that into an extraordinary resume."

"Revision Resume is impressive! I did not know there was a science behind constructing your resume and targeting vacancies so specifically. I am glad I contacted them."

"The finished product was better than anything I could have imagined, and I sincerely believe I will receive more callbacks and interviews because of it. My resume expert did a terrific job on organizing, analyzing and presenting my resume in a more coherent and detailed order. They worked with me on a personal level to ensure they had the details and information needed about my desired career path to create a perfect resume and cover letter. It is a resume that I am proud of, and it better expresses both my individual, educational and career points."

"Fantastic! Revision Resume was not only thorough and accurate – they have the skills and knowledge to get your resume in front of hiring managers. I did not realize qualified candidates can be screened out by automated processes before ever making it to human eyes. I had always thought the proof was in the pudding, but it turns out how you make the pudding (certain words, phrases) is just as important. I recommend Revision Resume to navigate these pitfalls and get your information in front of hiring managers. Not only that, but they will make you sound great as well – focusing on positive and relevant aspects for the position you are seeking!"

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