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Make Sure You Have What it Takes to Compete

Start of a track race

In an elite sporting event, all of the athletes have trained extensively prior to competing...but the training may not have been equal. Some may have put in more hours in the gym. Others may have been more focused on dietary requirements for success. A few may have spent time working on the psychology of the sport. All athletes did what they felt was most likely to make them successful in the competition. The athlete that found the right balance of all three - physical training, dietary requirements and psychological focus - is likely to come out on top.

A job seeker should take the same approach. What can they do to achieve their dream and land the job they desire? At Revision Resume, we believe in the run-step-jump method of providing a cover letter, resume and value proposition letter to land far ahead of the competition!

Cover Letter

Job seekers often think they can skip the cover letter because they feel it is redundant if their resume covers their education and work experience thoroughly. At Revision Resume we disagree. A cover letter should always be included UNLESS it is specifically stated that a cover letter shouldn't be submitted (which is a rare circumstance). Cover letters offer the unique opportunity to state:

  • How you learned about the position. If you know someone that works at the company, this is a great opportunity to mention the referral.

  • Why your skill set can specifically help with their job opening. In a cover letter you can clearly state this so the hiring manager wants to read on and see what your resume includes.

  • A quick explanation for any potential issues. Does your resume show a gap between jobs? Explain it in the cover letter. Are you relocating? Let the company know in the cover letter.

Take advantage of the extra opportunity to share why you should be hired by including a personalized cover letter for every job you apply for.


It goes without saying that you need to submit a resume for a job opening. Yet it is worth mentioning that your resume needs to be error-free and aligned with the position you are seeking. A thoroughly proofread resume that includes keywords from the job posting--and action verbs describing your past successes--will pique the interest of the hiring manager. A resume that contains errors and just lists responsibilities you have had in the past will not. In other words, not just any resume will do. To have success make sure your resume:

  • Is properly formatted and following current resume guidelines.

  • Incorporates keywords from the job posting.

  • Provides specific numbers and action verbs instead of generic, bland statements.

  • Is free of spelling and grammatical errors.

  • Is optimized for the Applicant Tracking System, should one be used by the company you are applying to.

Submitting a resume that does not meet these goals may result in it being passed over. To be selected for an interview, you will need to provide a top-notch resume.

Value Proposition Letter

Submitting a quality cover letter and resume have gotten you an interview! Congratulations! Help yourself stand out compared to the other interviewees you are competing against by sending a value proposition letter after your interview is complete. This is similar to a thank-you note but goes beyond just expressing gratitude to help you surpass your competition.

  • Thank the person that interviewed you for their time.

  • Reiterate why you are the best candidate for the position by pointing out a company issue you learned about during the interview and stating how you can address it.

  • Reinforce your interest in the company and the position.

A value proposition letter may be the final document that puts you ahead of the rest of the interviewees! Don't skip this important step!

For many job seekers, the task of writing all three (cover letter, resume and value proposition letter) is daunting. Revision Resume is here to help! Our writers are trained on how to optimize all three documents to give each job seeker the best opportunity for success. Contact us to request the assistance you deserve so you can land far ahead of the competition!

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What’s Next?  With the Right Resume, the Sky’s the Limit!

The challenge for most job applicants is crafting the right resume. 

Revision Resume is here to help offering the following writing services:

Resume critiques are also offered to those who have already created their own resume but would like a second set of eyes to check for errors and to ensure the document is up to modern standards!

With up-to-the-minute knowledge of the hiring industry, Revision Resume can make sure you are submitting the right resume!

In addition to our blog that is packed with useful information and tips, Revision Resume also offers a monthly newsletter and group educational programs. 

Finally, for the "do-it-yourselfer," we offer a checklist package that helps you ensure you haven't missed any vital details. 


To learn more, contact us.

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