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What Makes Creating a Resume so Difficult in 2022?

Many people who are part of the "Great Resignation" do not have a current resume on hand. They find themselves wanting a new job or career, but then realize that they haven't updated their resume in the past few years (or even decades). Some candidates may even resort to digging out a hard copy of their most recent resume, because the computer or software they used to create the document is obsolete! Revision Resume suggests that if the computer you used to create your resume is antiquated, it is very likely that the resume is also outdated!

Big changes have occurred in the job application process over the last few years. If you haven't created or submitted a resume recently, you need to get up to speed on current practices. Let's look at a few details:

Technology is Utilized by Applicants AND Hiring Managers

Email and Website Job Application Submission

Years ago, it was common to mail a resume to a job posting … through the U.S. Postal service! Now, resumes are almost always submitted online. Internet job boards allow you to search for positions and post your resume for the opening directly through that same platform. Those who network and connect directly with a hiring manager will likewise email their information, instead of sending a resume via the postal service.

Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

In addition to job seekers now using online methods to submit their resume, hiring managers are using computers to help sort and store resumes. An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) helps automate the hiring process. In some cases, the ATS is a filing cabinet -- aiding in organizing the hundreds of resumes that are often submitted per job posting. In other cases, the ATS can be used to screen resumes. If you are unfamiliar with ATS software and how it impacts your resume, read our blog, "What is this Applicant Tracking System I Keep Hearing About?" or attend one of our educational programs.

Resume File Format

Since resumes are no longer printed, applicants have to determine how best to create and submit the document. Many jobseekers wonder what file format is best to use (text, Word, PDF, etc.). Revision Resume advises that you should always follow the directions of the specific job opening as they may explicitly request a certain file type. If they ask for Microsoft Word, that is what you should provide, regardless of your personal preference. However, if they don't specify, we recommend submitting a PDF so you can be sure the formatting appears as you intended.

Resumes with More Pages but Less History

A few years ago, the hiring industry expected resumes that were only 1 page long but included the entire work history of the candidate. Times have changed, and now the hiring industry is only looking for 10-15 years of past work history. Hiring managers generally only want to see applicable work experience as well. They are interested in how your history relates to their job opening, and don't want to have to weed through irrelevant or outdated information to figure that out.

On the other hand, the hiring industry no longer expects candidates to cram all of their information onto one page. Instead, the length of the document should be appropriate for your level of work experience. To learn more, read our blog, "How Many Pages Should My Resume Be?"

Details, Details, Details

Years ago, resumes read like a historical record. They listed the job title, name of the employer, location and dates of employment. But details were few and far between.

In 2022, hiring managers and recruiters expect to see details included on the resume for each job you list. They want to know what you did and how you succeeded. It is not good enough to list what you were responsible for. Instead, you need to list the actions you took and the results you achieved.

Having trouble coming up with action verbs to use as you create detailed bullets on your resume? Check out our infographic blog, "Revision Resume's Favorite Action Verbs" for some suggestions.

Final Thoughts

Changes in technology -- along with changes in HR expectations of what a resume should look like and include -- have drastically impacted how resumes are created in 2022. If you last created a resume years ago, you likely are not up to date on current guidelines.

Don't take chances. If you want to submit a resume that meets industry standards and improve your chance of getting called for an interview, contact us. Revision Resume is here to help those in the Rochester, NY area and beyond. We offer resume writing, resume critiques, educational programs and more. Click here to learn more about our services.

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