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Job Application Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Part II

Applying for a job is complicated, even though it should seem simple. In a previous blog we covered Part I of our Job Application Frequently Asked Questions, including which type of file is best to use when submitting your resume with your job application. This time we will address new questions that job applicants commonly encounter as they seek a new role.

1) Can I Submit My Resume For More than 1 Job at the Same Company?

This is a question we hear often, and instead of offering a simple yes or no answer, we want to provide an answer that is more nuanced.

If you are eager to find a new position, you may just want to apply to everything available and hope that someone calls you back. This is called the "spray and pray method." Applicants submit hundreds of resumes to openings without really evaluating if the roles they are applying to would be a good match. We advise against this approach. It does not tend to yield interviews.

Instead, read each job description closely. Is it a role that you think you would enjoy? Is it a role that you have the skills and qualifications to succeed in? If yes, then slightly tweak your generic resume to showcase how you are the right candidate for the job and submit the job application.

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Now, let's get back to the case where you see multiple jobs at the same company you might be interested in. Again, closely read the job postings. Verify that you both would be a good candidate for each role and that they are roles you are interested in. If both are true, go ahead and submit an application for each position.

Companies that receive the same resume for a dozen different openings may conclude that the job seeker has not really evaluated the role and may actually not be interested in the position. This can detract from the job application and make it less likely that you would be called for an interview for any of the roles you submitted your resume for.

However, if you only apply for a couple related roles within the same company, it won't result in a negative impression. Instead, they may realize they need to talk to you to determine which of the roles would be the best fit.

2) Can I Reapply to a Job I Previously Applied to After it is Reposted?

The answer to this question is YES! Let's evaluate the situation.

Let's say you applied for a job and weren't called for the interview, even though you were very interested in the position and felt you had the skills required. It was disappointing when the job post was removed, but a few months later, you find the job has been reposted. Should you take a stab at it again? Yes, you should.

You don't know what happened in the meantime. Was the post removed because they temporarily didn't have the budget to fill the opening and then they identified a source of funding and were able to repost it? Or did they have a candidate they pursued who ended up turning them down and now they need to seek a new candidate?

In any case, they have reposted the job indicating they are looking to fill it, so it is worthwhile for you to try again and submit an application. Take a minute to make sure your resume highlights how you are qualified for this particular job to help yourself stand out compared to the other applicants.

3) Can I Align My Job Title with the Job Posting?

The question being asked here is if your job title on your resume has to exactly match what your title is at your employer. Can you reword your title so it more aligns with the title on the job posting? The answer is yes, as long as you are being honest. In fact, we often reword job titles when we create resumes, because sometimes the corporate lingo doesn't make sense. If you are officially listed as a CSR II, someone reading your resume may have no idea what that means, especially if you are trying to switch careers. So, list a job title that makes sense to a person reading your resume, who may not be familiar with your field.

The key here is that you must be honest. If the job posting is for a senior technical recruiter and you have never been a technical recruiter before, you really can't list senior technical recruiter on your resume. If you were a senior recruiter, you can say that and leave out the "technical" part.

4) Is it Best to Submit My Resume as Soon as a Job Posting Opens?

Yes! We routinely hear from recruiters that they look at the first batch of job applications that come in and select candidates to interview from that pool. So, if you wait a few weeks to apply to a job opening, you may miss the opportunity to be called because they are already pursuing other candidates. With hundreds of people currently applying to each job, HR can identify promising candidates relatively early on.

Your best bet is to have a base resume ready to go. When you see a job opening of interest, tweak that resume so it highlights how you are qualified for the specific job opening, and submit as soon as possible. Recruiters have told us that a good rule of thumb is to submit within 3 days for a large company, and within 1-2 weeks for a small company.

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