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LinkedIn Do's and Don'ts

Jobseekers who utilize LinkedIn during their search often find the platform helpful in making connections and networking. If you haven't created a LinkedIn profile, we suggest you do!

Uncertain if you are using LinkedIn correctly? Not confident that you are making the right choices in your LinkedIn setup and activity? Review Revision Resume's list of Do's and Don'ts:

LinkedIn Do's

  1. Do create a complete profile, including a professional photo. You will get more views of your profile if it is complete and if you have a photo of yourself included. So, it is worth your time.

  2. Do create a unique URL. It is easy to create a unique URL for your LinkedIn profile. Not sure how? Visit Revision Resume's blog with step-by-step instructions. After you have created your unique URL, you can include it on your resume.

  3. Do request connections with a variety of people you know. Consider friends, family, co-workers and fellow students. Don't worry if they are outside of your career field. Keep in mind that when a connection likes or comments on your LinkedIn post, their connections see it (even if you are not connected to their connections). That is what makes LinkedIn such a powerful networking tool. So, someone may see your comment that you don't know, but who is also in your field.

  4. Do provide thoughtful comments and posts. LinkedIn is different from Facebook and other social media. It is meant to be a professional site. Therefore, you should think before you post your own content or comment on someone else's. Are you adding value? Is what you are saying professional?

  5. Do include keywords. Going for a specific job? Include keywords from job postings within your About/summary section. Align your headline with the title of the job. What might someone type in if they were searching for a candidate for the role you are seeking? Include that wording in your LinkedIn profile.

LinkedIn Don'ts

  1. Don't send generic connection requests. Personalizing your connection requests increases the chances of the request being accepted. Instead of just clicking "send," take a few minutes to write a couple of sentences. Look for common ground to point out in your request.

  2. Don't ask for assistance within your connection request. Keep in mind that it is unprofessional to ask for advice or information within a connection request. Instead, state how you know the person or compliment them on something they have on their LinkedIn.

  3. Don't get too cutesy with your wording. The LinkedIn search algorithm will not recognize "jack of all trades" when a potential employer is searching for an "engineer." Therefore, it is recommended you use common words in your headline and About/summary section. Part of your goal in creating a LinkedIn profile is to be found by recruiters and hiring managers. We recommend including your job title within your LinkedIn headline.

  4. Don't ignore comments. If someone took the time to comment on a post you created, you should respond. Not only is this polite, but it also will increase the views your post gets, because LinkedIn rewards engagement.

  5. Don't forget to update! Many people set up their LinkedIn and then forget about it. Just like your resume needs to be updated with promotions and successes, LinkedIn does as well. In addition, consider tweaking your LinkedIn to be forward-looking if you are searching for a new job. It shouldn't just be a historical view, but should align with your future goals and aspirations.

Following the LinkedIn Do's and Don'ts in this blog will help you be successful as you network during your job search. If you need assistance with your LinkedIn profile, Revision Resume is happy to help! Contact us to learn more!

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