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Recent LinkedIn Discussion on Post-Interview Thank You Notes

Post-interview thank you notes

Recently the topic of post-interview thank you notes came up in a LinkedIn discussion. Hiring managers indicate that they are not receiving as many thank you notes as they did historically. An interesting discussion ensued in which everyone appeared to be in agreement that sending a post-interview thank you note is still highly recommended. Let's look at some specific reasons why.

Missed Opportunity

Throughout the job search process, candidates are constantly trying to stand out compared to the competition. They create a resume that shows their unique skills and the value they would provide the organization. They submit a cover letter to provide yet another chance to share why they should be evaluated further. Once an interview is obtained, they prepare for it by practicing common interview questions and creating a list of questions of their own to ask.

It seems logical then that a job seeker would want to stand out after the interview as well. This is when the hiring decision is being finalized, so it is truly the last chance. Therefore, not sending a thank you note seems like a missed opportunity.

Common Courtesy

Sending a thank you note after an interview has been considered common courtesy for years. A human resources employee that commented on the LinkedIn discussion indicated that she has noticed they are sent less frequently now than in the past, so when one is received, it shows the candidate has professional manners. The polite gesture is appreciated.

Another hiring manager mentioned that although the thank you note may not directly influence the decision on this particular job, it does help the candidate stay top of mind. Should another job open that is a better fit for that particular job seeker, the hiring manager is more apt to reach out.


A thank you note can go beyond being polite; it is a chance to follow-up. For example, a job candidate can mention a connection they had with the interviewer. Or, if in hindsight they answered a question poorly, they may be able to correct it within the wording of the note. They can also mention they look forward to hearing from the person making the hiring decision.

Revision Resume's Response?

If you are curious how Revision Resume responded during this discussion you can see our comments here:

"You never know how a positive and thoughtful gesture might bloom somewhere down the road. Those who make the extra effort with a thank you note will not only stand out from the crowd of applicants, but will communicate professionalism and an ability to nurture positive connections."

"My advice is to always send a post-interview thank you note. It is important to express gratitude for the interviewer's time. You can also take the opportunity to re-express your interest in the job and say something you forgot to mention in the interview, if applicable."

Final Thoughts

While failing to send a thank you note may not cost you the position you're applying for, it may very well be helpful -- and therefore is worthwhile.

Unsure of what to write? We suggest keeping the note succinct. It should be no longer than 1 page. You can read other blogs that provide tips for creating a thank you note here. Revision Resume is also here to help. Contact us to learn how we can assist you in creating a value proposition letter, which goes beyond just saying thank you and helps elevate you compared to the other candidates vying for the job.

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